by Larry Owens

Month: February, 2009

Saturn, February 2009

28 February, 2009 (17:34) | Saturn | By: ltowens

This set of images was taken under slightly better skies and actually picked out one of Saturn’s recent equatorial storms (just under the rings, left of center).  I also imaged in the Methane band, which gives the planet an oddly bright set or rings.  The soft appearance of the Methane shot is due to a 2.5 second exposure per frame. (Click image for a larger view)


Saturn, December 2008

28 February, 2009 (17:28) | Saturn | By: ltowens

From the fall of 2008 through the winter of 2009, Earth will be near Saturn’s ring plane, giving us an edge-on view of the rings.  Here’s an image taken under somewhat turbulent atmospheric conditions, but it certainly shows the edge-on appearance of the rings (click image for larger view):


Jupiter, September 2008

28 February, 2009 (17:11) | Jupiter | By: ltowens

Here are 2 sets of Jupiter taken in Sept, showing the Great Red Spot and Oval BA (near the limb).  The image was taken under intermittien cloud cover and relatively poor stability.  Click image for full sized view.


Here’s another September image with somewhat more detail, but of a somewhat less interesting part of the planet.




And here’s a slightly enlarged version of the same image presented alone:


Jupiter, August 2008

28 February, 2009 (16:59) | Jupiter | By: ltowens

Jupiter has been a challenge this year (2008).  Here’s a set of 4 images with resonable resolution, taken with the DMK and showing the slow progression of one of Jupiter’s moons crossing in front of the great planet (from right to left).  Click image for full sized view.