Join us for for our next meeting on January 28th, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. in the Charlie Elliott Conference Center, Conference Room A, at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

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January Meeting

Supermassive Black Holes and Galactic Outflows

Join us on January 28, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. in Conference Room A for an engaging and informative discussion on supermassive black holes with PhD candidate Mitchell Revalski from Georgia State University.  At the center of every galaxy there is likely a supermassive black hole. When material falls in it is heated up and emits a large amount of radiation, we refer to these as active galactic nuclei. The goal of Mitchell’s work is to measure the amount of gas and dust that is flowing away, or “outflowing,” from these supermassive black holes, and determine if there are physical connections. For example, do black holes that eat more rapidly also drive away more material? Is the strength of the outflow tied to the mass of the black hole?  Join us to hear the answers to these questions and more!

Mitchell grew up near the New Jersey Astronomical Association, which houses the largest telescope available to the public in the state. He was inspired by his grade school and high school teachers to become more involved with the organization, and would go on to complete a bachelor’s in physics and astronomy at The College of New Jersey in 2014. Soon after, Mitchell came to Atlanta where he began work on his thesis to determine the properties of these mass outflows.

All of the Above!

Charlie Elliott Astronomy Observing Supervisor David Whalen will reprise his stand up comedy and dance routine and might even talk about what you can expect to see in the sky this month with binoculars and small telescopes, as well as the monthly observing challenge.

Observing After the Meeting

All are invited to Jon Wood Astronomy Field immediately after the meeting (weather-permitting). As always, the event is free and everyone is welcome.

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August 06, 2016,  September 10, 2016, October 29, 2016, November 19, 2016,  December 10, 2016, January 28, 2017,  February 25, 2017, March 25, 2017,  April 22, 2017,  May 27, 2017,  June 24, 2017,  July 22, 2017

Meetings start approximately 2 hours before sunset. Meeting rooms and start times vary, so please check back here for details. Public stargazing on Jon Wood Astronomy Field follows the meeting.

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