by Larry Owens

Month: December, 2009

Mars Image, Dec 23, 2009

24 December, 2009 (14:25) | Uncategorized | By: ltowens

I was able to do some imaging on the 23rd and the result is below.  It isn’t a particularly interesting image due to the conditions but at least I was able to get a shot of the red planet.  I also haven’t had a chance to check the collimation of my scope lately, so that may have contributed to the lack of detail.

The sky was filled with waves of high thin clouds, and a large bank of clouds approaching from the SW, but there was enough time to catch the red planet just above 40 degrees in elevation.   I did have to limit the number of frames captured because of the approaching clouds.

As usual the image was taken with a DMK21AF04, and Custom Scientific RGB filters, attached to the C14.


Dark skies,