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The Sun is quiet again today and we reached another milestone on the way to Solar minimum.  We reached spotless day 150. Click the thumbnail below to see the screenshot of the cutout from my data, recorded since January 4th 2014.

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Clear skies with average seeing.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flare in the last two days.  In Ha and CaK we still can see the decayed area of AR2696 and a small filament.  In addition we can see a small/faint prom at the SW limb. This is spotless day 147.

2018-01-21-1552_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-01-21-1603_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-01-21-1614_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-01-21-1606_0-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg 2018-01-21-1605_6-TR-Ha-WLimb.jpg 2018-01-21-1614_1-TR-CaK-Crp.jpg

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Clear skies, but the seeing was poor.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  AR2696 is decaying fast and today the Active Region Area is 10 millionths while we still had 2 spots.  However at the time of observing I only did record 1.  We still have some filaments and a prominence  at the western limb.

2018-01-19-1604_8-TR-540nm-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-19-1618_7-TR-Ha-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-19-1631_1-TR-CaK-AR2696.jpg

2018-01-19-1611_0-TR-540nm-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-19-1620_6-TR-Ha-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-19-1631_1-TR-CaK-AR2696Crp.jpg

2018-01-19-1621_4-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-01-19-1620_9-TR-Ha-SWFilam.jpg 2018-01-19-1623_6-TR-Ha-WFilProm.jpg

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Had to clear some snow before I could start my imaging session today.  Seeing was average.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the previous two days.  The pores from my last session evolved into AR2696, which today measures 20 millionths and contains two spots.  A few small filaments are seen today with small prominence on the SW limb.  Images today in all three wavelengths.

2018-01-18-1638_1-TR-540nmAR2696.jpg 2018-01-18-1645_7-TR-Ha-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-18-1655_1-TR-CaK-AR2696.jpg

2018-01-18-1640_6-TR-540nm-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-18-1648_7-TR-Ha-AR2696.jpg 2018-01-18-1655_1-TR-CaK-AR2696Crp.jpg

2018-01-18-1650_0-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-01-18-1649_4-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

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Clear skies this morning but cold.  Solar Activity continues to be Very Low with no flares in the next two days. Spotless days continue today with spotless day 146.  More activity seems to be developing including a few small pores to the east of the two filaments near the center of the hemisphere.  In addition there is a nice erupting prominence at the NW limb.

2018-01-15-1519_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-01-15-1524_1-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-01-15-1538_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-01-15-1527_1-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg 2018-01-15-1532_5-TR-Ha-Sfilam.jpg

2018-01-15-1533_3-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg 2018-01-15-1538_1-TR-CaK-Crp.jpg

January 4, 2018 on 1:37 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies but seeing conditions were bad, 1 out of 5, while the temperature was still below freezing during the session. So the resulting images are low quality.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the previous 2 days.  We see a pore that developed in the NW quadrant and may become a new named Active Region. We also see a very nice tall prominence at the SE limb a bit fuzzy because of the seeing.  Images today are in all three wavelengths and include the regions mentioned.

2018-01-04-1509_1-TR-540nm-NN.jpg 2018-01-04-1514_7-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-01-04-1524_0-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-01-04-1511_3-TR-540nm-Pore.jpg 2018-01-04-1517_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-01-04-1524_0-TR-CaK-NN.jpg

2018-01-04-1518_2-TR-Ha-SEQuad.jpg 2018-01-04-1518_7-TR-Ha-SFilam.jpg 2018-01-04-1517_5-TR-Ha-Ctr.jpg

2018-01-04-1519_9-TR-Ha-SEProm.jpg 2018-01-04-1520_7-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg

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Clear Skies with good seeing conditions.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  AR2692 can still be seen as plage at the NW limb, while a small new bright area starts showing at the Eastern limb.  No Active region reported today so we continue with spotless day 137. Close ups today of the mentioned areas in all three wavelengths.

2017-12-29-1633_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2017-12-29-1639_8-TR-Ha.jpg 2017-12-29-1649_3-TR-CaK.jpg

2017-12-29-1633_1-TR-540nm-ELimb.jpg 2017-12-29-1641_9-TR-Ha-ELimb.jpg 2017-12-29-1649_3-TR-CaK-ELimb.jpg

2017-12-29-1633_1-TR-540nm-NWLimb.jpg 2017-12-29-1642_3-TR-Ha-NWLimb.jpg 2017-12-29-1649_3-TR-CaK-NWLimb.jpg


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Low fast clouds tracking through, but enough time between them for a quick session with average seeing. Solar Activity remains Very Low on with no flares in the last two days. However we see two small regions with two pores which tomorrow might be named.  These regions are visible in Ha as well as in CaK and the spots are clearly visible in visible light also. In addition, we have a nice filament at the Eastern limb and some prominences at the NE and NW limbs.

2017-12-19-1511_2-TR-540nm_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1518_3-TR-Ha-NN_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1527_2-TR-CaK-NN_001.jpg

2017-12-19-1513_1-TR-540nm-NN_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1520_4-TR-Ha-NEProm_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1527_2-TR-CaK-NNCrp_001.jpg

2017-12-19-1521_0-TR-Ha-NNEFil_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1521_2-TR-Ha-NFil_001.jpg 2017-12-19-1522_2-TR-Ha-EFilam_001.jpg


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Scintillation was bad at times this morning, but overall seeing was average. Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in a number of days. No Active Region today with no spots for Spotless Day 132.  Ha shows us some nice activity with a very nice prominence that is coming around the NE edge as well as a few small filaments around the solar disk.

2017-12-16-1443_5-TR-540nm.jpg 2017-12-16-1447_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2017-12-16-1457_8-TR-CaK.jpg

2017-12-16-1451_1-TR-Ha-NEProm.jpg 2017-12-16-1449_1-TR-Ha-2.jpg 2017-12-16-1449_6-TR-Ha-NWFilam.jpg

2017-12-16-1450_1-TR-Ha-NEFilam.jpg 2017-12-16-1454_3-TR-Ha-SFilam.jpg 2017-12-16-1452_3-TR-Ha-EFilam.jpg


December 14, 2017 on 5:48 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies this morning with good seeing conditions. Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the last two days. The small Active Region AR2691 has disappeared and a small plage remains, so today we log spotless day 130. Two nice prominences show at the Eastern limb and a nice filament as well.  Images in all three wavelengths today with close ups of the mentioned regions.

2017-12-14-1440_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2017-12-14-1445_5-TR-Ha.jpg 2017-12-14-1459_2-TR-CaK.jpg

2017-12-14-1451_8-TR-Ha-oldAR2691.jpg 2017-12-14-1449_2-TR-Ha-3.jpg 2017-12-14-1451_0-TR-Ha-EPromFil.jpg

2017-12-14-1448_2-TR-Ha-2.jpg 2017-12-14-1451_6-TR-Ha-EPlage.jpg 2017-12-14-1454_4-TR-Ha-NEProm.jpg


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