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Clear Skies with good seeing.  The pores from a few days ago were very unstable and decayed very fast but a region AR2796 emerged a day later some further South-West from the location.  This area, AR2796 was also relative unstable and has decayed in the meantime to a plage.  However, a new Hsx area has turned onto the visible disk at the Eastern limb and measures 90 millionths with 2 spots. Today full disk images and close ups of the mentioned regions as well as a few nice filaments in the Southern hemisphere.

2021-01-18-1505_1-TR-540nm-AR2796-97.jpg 2021-01-18-1513_4-TR-Ha-AR2796-97.jpg 2021-01-18-1519_8-TR-CaK-AR2796-97.jpg

2021-01-18-1508_6-TR-AR2797.jpg 2021-01-18-1516_0-TR-Ha-AR2797.jpg 2021-01-18-1522_9-TR-CaK-AR2797.jpg

2021-01-18-1516_2-TR-Ha-PlageAR2796.jpg 2021-01-18-1521_7-TR-CaK-AR2796.jpg

2021-01-18-1516_5-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg 2021-01-18-1516_7-TR-Ha-Filam2.jpg

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Clear skies after a long period of cloudy skies.  The Sun remains spotless today for day 11 in the current spotless streak.  Today full disk images only.

2021-01-14-1447_4-TR-540nm.jpg 2021-01-14-1450_9-TR-Ha.jpg 2021-01-14-1454_2-TR-CaK.jpg

January 13, 2021 on 2:39 pm | In Papers | Comments Off

During the ALPO meeting in the Fall of 2019 I made a presentation about solar activity since 1874.  As part of that I presented the results of my research and statistics during Solar Cycle 24.  Now, where we have entered Cycle 25, I’d like to update three of the graphs that I used in this presentation. Please click on the images to see the full size chart.  The first one shows the “Total Active Region Areas for the rotation”, and the “uninterrupted Spotless day streaks” from 2008 until current.  Here is the updated chart.

The second graph shows for the same time period the monthly Ri  (Wolf number) as reported by SILSO, as well as the number of consecutive spotless day streaks for the given period.

Finally for the same time period, I show the graph showing for every day the sum of the value of >R2 classified Flares (>M5, added as numeric values) as well as the distribution of the value of spotless day streaks.

One can clearly see the long period of spotless days of 43 days ending in December of 2019, which was determined by SWPC and SILSO as the  Solar minimum for the Cycle 24 – Cycle 25 transition.

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Clear skies and good seeing for a session to observe the spotless Sun.  Some nice filaments are still to see in the southern and northern hemisphere and some nice prominences around the solar disk in Ha.  Today full disk images again.

2021-01-05-1454_8-TR-540nm-spotless.jpg 2021-01-05-1458_5-TR-Ha-spotless.jpg 2021-01-05-1501_1-TR-Ha-spotless.jpg

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Clear skies today, and the next few days as well!  However, the spots have disappeared and the Sun is spotless again.  This means we are counting spotless days again. A nice prominence is showing in the NW as shown on the Ha image.  Today only full disk images in the three wavelengths.

2021-01-04-1522_4-TR-540nm-Spotless.jpg 2021-01-04-1530_1-TR-Ha-Spotless.jpg 2021-01-04-1534_8-TR-CaK-Spotless.jpg

January 3, 2021 on 11:53 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Scattered clouds this morning with variable seeing.  AR2794 has rotated to the far side of the Sun and AR2795 has decayed to a plage, so there is not much to report at the time of my observation. The big question is: will SWPC report tomorrow the first spotless day of 2021?  Only time will tell, so for today only full disk images in the three wavelengths.

2021-01-03-1535_4-TR-540nm.jpg 2021-01-03-1540_0-TR-Ha-.jpg 2021-01-03-1543_9-TR-CaK.jpg

December 29, 2020 on 2:13 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with below average seeing.  AR2794 remains stable and AR2795 shows some decay.  Total spot count today is 6.  Today images of the full disk as well as close ups of the mentioned areas in the three wavelengths.

2020-12-29-1526_1-TR-540nm-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-29-1535_8-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-29-1542_7-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg

2020-12-29-1529_7-TR-540nm-AR2795.jpg 2020-12-29-1528_8-TR-540nm-AR2794.jpg

2020-12-29-1537_8-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-29-1545_2-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-29-1538_2-TR-Ha-AR2795.jpg

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Clear skies, but the observing session  was a race against the clouds, which are covering the sky now.  The Sun shows very little activity in both areas with the exception of a few B-Class flares.  Today full disk images and close ups in the three wavelengths.

2020-12-28-1422_9-TR-540nm-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-28-1429_2-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-28-1440_3-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg

2020-12-28-1425_2-TR-540nm-AR2795.jpg 2020-12-28-1432_0-TR-Ha-AR2795.jpg 2020-12-28-1442_3-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg

2020-12-28-1425_6-TR-540nm-AR2794.jpg 2020-12-28-1431_4-TR-Ha-AR2794.jpg

December 26, 2020 on 11:41 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies and colder than yesterday, and so was the seeing. So today only full disk images and a close up of the two regions in Ha. I hope the seeing conditions will improve soon.

2020-12-26-1500_0-TR-540nm-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-26-1509_3-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-26-1515_3-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg


December 25, 2020 on 12:05 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies, but still freezing, and the Sun at an altitude of 16 degrees at the time of observation on the last day of CR2238.  Together with winds of 15-18 miles/hour this resulted in low seeing conditions.  The areas of AR2794 and AR2795  have increased, but the seeing prevented good details.  Today full disk images as well as close ups of the two regions.  The  rotation closes with a Total Active Region area for the rotation period of 8050 millionths and two spotless days.

2020-12-25-1434_0-TR-540nm-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-25-1440_7-TR-Ha-AR2794-95.jpg 2020-12-25-1447_1-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg

2020-12-25-1435_7-TR-540nm-AR2794.jpg 2020-12-25-1436_1-TR-540nm-AR2794.jpg

2020-12-25-1443_3-TR-Ha-AR2795.jpg 2020-12-25-1449_6-TR-CaK-AR2794-95.jpg

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