September 27, 2021 on 3:26 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Good seeing this morning.  The Sun is busy with named regions, but they are hard to see in white light.  The two old regions AR2871 and AR2872 have decayed some more, but AR2781 looks great in the Ha close up with the swirling filaments.  AR2877 and 78 are pretty much stable, and today SWPC named also AR2879 at 13N24W.  The total active region area for today is 170 millionths.

2021-09-27-1447_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871-72-77-78-79.jpg 2021-09-27-1501_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871-72-77-78-79.jpg 2021-09-27-1508_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-72-77-78-79.jpg

2021-09-27-1453_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-27-1503_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871-77.jpg 2021-09-27-1510_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-77.jpg

2021-09-27-1453_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-27-1504_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2872-79.jpg 2021-09-27-1511_6-ThRmk-CaK-AR2872-79.jpg

2021-09-27-1454_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2878.jpg 2021-09-27-1504_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2878.jpg 2021-09-27-1512_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2878.jpg


September 26, 2021 on 1:54 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with good seeing.  Two named Active Regions today, AR2871 and AR2872.  AR 2871 is still a very interesting area and shows mixed polarities in SDO’s magnetogram, while AR2872 is decaying very much.  Today two small new named areas were named, both in the SE quadrant.  AR2877 and 78. And although I did not make out any spots in AR2877,  I did see spots in AR2878.  The Total daily Active Region Areas for today is 200 millionths.  Today full disk images and closeups in all wavelengths.

2021-09-26-1510_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871-72-77-78.jpg 2021-09-26-1520_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871-72-77-78.jpg 2021-09-26-1531_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-72-77-78.jpg

2021-09-26-1513_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-26-1522_6-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-26-1533_6-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-77.jpg

2021-09-26-1513_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-26-1523_3-ThRmk-Ha-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-26-1534_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2872.jpg

2021-09-26-1514_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2878.jpg 2021-09-26-1524_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2878.jpg 2021-09-26-1535_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2878.jpg

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Clear skies again today!  AR2874 became one of those short-lived spots of 1 day, much like AR2870, AR2867 and AR2865 in recent days were also 1 day Spots.  AR2871 produced an M1.8 flare with a subsequent CME.  Total daily Active Region Areas today is at 350 millionths. Full disk images today and close ups of the mentioned regions.

2021-09-24-1350_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871-72-73-75.jpg 2021-09-24-1358_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871-72-73-75.jpg 2021-09-24-1403_9-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-72-73-75.jpg

2021-09-24-1353_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-24-1359_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-24-1405_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871.jpg

2021-09-24-1353_7-ThRmk-540nm-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-24-1400_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-24-1405_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2872.jpg

2021-09-24-1354_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2873.jpg 2021-09-24-1400_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2873.jpg 2021-09-24-1406_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2873.jpg

2021-09-24-1354_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2875.jpg 2021-09-24-1401_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2875.jpg 2021-09-24-1406_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2875.jpg

September 23, 2021 on 1:50 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies!!!  Five named Active Regions today on the last full day of CR2248, a rotation that brought a new milestone.  Yesterday we surpassed the 10,000 Millionths mark for the Total Active Region Areas for a rotation.  During the rotation we also had two days where the Total Daily Active Region Areas passed the 1,000 millionths mark.  And than we have 5 Active Regions today! Wow, it looks like Cycle 25 is in full swing. We have regions in each quadrant of the Sun.  AR2871 in the SE, AR2872 in the NE, AR2873 in the NW and AR2874 and 75 in the SW.  Full disk images today with close ups of all Regions.

2021-09-23-1347_4-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871-72-73-74-75.jpg 2021-09-23-1408_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871-72-73-74-75.jpg 2021-09-23-1418_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871-72-73-74-75.jpg

2021-09-23-1354_4-ThRmk-540nm-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-23-1412_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2871.jpg 2021-09-23-1420_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2871.jpg

2021-09-23-1355_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-23-1413_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-23-1421_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2872.jpg

2021-09-23-1357_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2873.jpg 2021-09-23-1413_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2872.jpg 2021-09-23-1422_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2873.jpg

2021-09-23-1359_4-ThRmk-AR2874-75.jpg 2021-09-23-1414_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2874-75.jpg 2021-09-23-1422_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2874-75.jpg

September 14, 2021 on 9:00 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Cloudy days are good for additional work.  So I made a combo image showing the morphology of the two last great regions AR2866 and AR2868 on 7 days, between September 4 and September 13th.  Seven images show the morphology around the 540nm wavelength, 6 Ha images around the Ha line and 5 images around the CaK wavelength.  Each day is indicated on the image as well as the classification of the two areas for that specific day.


September 13, 2021 on 11:10 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with god seeing.  The cirrus clouds have disappeared :-)   We are left with three regions of which I could not see a spot in AR2869.  The two other regions AR2866 and AR2868 are still nicely visible at 200 and 180 millionths, close to the SW limb.  Full disk images and close ups of the mentioned regions as well as a closeup of AR2866 and 68 in 540nm.

2021-09-13-1343_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-13-1351_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-13-1357_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2866-68-69.jpg

2021-09-13-1346_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-13-1353_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-13-1359_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2866-68-69.jpg


September 12, 2021 on 1:21 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A high cirrus cloud deck in the sky this morning,  Imaging was severely impacted with the CaK image.  The filament that was visible in the Northern hemisphere has decayed but another semicircle of short filaments is visible near the NW limb.  The group of AR2866 and 67 is getting close to the SW limb, and I was unable to see AR2870 visually.  Still an interesting Sun today.

2021-09-12-1403_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-12-1414_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-12-1426_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2866-68-69.jpg

2021-09-12-1407_7-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68.jpg 2021-09-12-1417_6-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg

2021-09-12-1409_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-12-1418_5-ThRmk-Ha-NWFilam.jpg

September 11, 2021 on 11:32 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies this morning, the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  A day of remembrance.  AR2870 was short lived and decayed to a plage, and AR2863 was not visible anymore at the time of my observation.  The group of AR2866, 68 and 69 is very interesting and looks very cool in Ha.  Two days ago I mentioned the 2nd time of reaching a total active area of over 1000 millionths since Solar Minimum.  Well yesterday the reported spots and areas by SWPC resulted in a Wolf Number of 124.  This is the first time this number has exceeded 100 since Solar Minimum.  Two records on two successive days. :-)

2021-09-11-1300_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2863-64-66-68-69.jpg 2021-09-11-1312_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2863-64-66-68-69.jpg 2021-09-11-1321_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2863-64-66-68-69.jpg

2021-09-11-1303_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2864.jpg 2021-09-11-1314_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2864.jpg 2021-09-11-1323_2-ThRMK-CaK-AR2864.jpg

2021-09-11-1305_4-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-11-1315_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-11-1324_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2866-68-69.jpg


September 10, 2021 on 1:51 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with great seeing conditions.  The area near the SE limb has also been named as AR2870, and now we have 6 named Active regions. AR2866 produced a B8 class flare while AR2868 produced a B7 class flare and the other regions were either stable or decreased a little. We also see some nice filaments but little prominences at the time (See full disk Ha image) .  At least an interesting Sun today.

2021-09-10-1321_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2863_64_66_68_69_70.jpg 2021-09-10-1334_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2863_64_66_68_69_70.jpg 2021-09-10-1343_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2863_64_66_68_6970.jpg

2021-09-10-1324_4-ThRmk-540nm-AR2863.jpg 2021-09-10-1335_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2863.jpg 2021-09-10-1347_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2863.jpg

2021-09-10-1325_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2864.jpg 2021-09-10-1336_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2864.jpg 2021-09-10-1348_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2864.jpg

2021-09-10-1327_3-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-10-1338_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2866-68-69.jpg 2021-09-10-1348_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2866-68-69.jpg

2021-09-10-1327_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2870.jpg 2021-09-10-1338_8-ThRmk-Ha-AR2870.jpg 2021-09-10-1349_6-ThRmk-CaK-AR2870.jpg

September 9, 2021 on 7:56 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A very brief opening for some WL observations.  Not even enough time to get the close up of the three active regions aligned correctly.  We’re seeing today 5 Active regions AR2863, 64, 66, 68 and 69, for a total daily active region area of 1000 millionths.  This is the third time since Solar Minimum that we reached the 1000 mark. Only two images today in 540nm, the full disk and a close up of AR2866, 68 and part of 69.

2021-09-09-1301_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2863-64-66-68-69.jpg 2021-09-09-1307_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2866-68-69.jpg

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