August 14, 2018 on 4:43 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies, but still some haze persisted.  Had to increase my exposure time again.  The little area at the Eastern limb from yesterday has developed in a small spot, but has not been named yet.  A few filaments can be observed and the proms from yesterday are still there. Today’s images include the full sized Sun in the three wavelengths, as well as close ups of the mentioned areas.

2018-08-14-1246_6-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-14-1300_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-14-1256_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-14-1251_0-TR-540nm-NewSpot.jpg 2018-08-14-1303_6-TR-Ha-NewSpot.jpg 2018-08-14-1256_1-TR-CaK-NewSpot.jpg

2018-08-14-1251_7-TR-540nm-WPlage.jpg 2018-08-14-1306_2-TR-Ha-WPlage.jpg 2018-08-14-1256_1-TR-CaK-WPlage.jpg

2018-08-14-1330_2-TR-Ha-NEProm.jpg 2018-08-14-1330_6-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg 2018-08-14-1331_2-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

August 13, 2018 on 12:46 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A haze covered the Sun today with good seeing but limited transparency.  Despite this, I was able to capture a number of interesting areas of the Sun.  Four small filaments could be observed as well as three nice proms.  In addition, a plage near the western limb and a small bright area near the eastern limb. So, despite the low activity and compromised transparency a number of interesting images.  Needless to say that the solar activity was Very Low today.

2018-08-13-1426_6-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-13-1431_5-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-13-1444_6-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-13-1436_9-TR-Ha-EAreaFilam.jpg 2018-08-13-1438_1-TR-Ha-NWFilam.jpg 2018-08-13-1438_3-TR-Ha-WPlage.jpg

2018-08-13-1444_6-TR-CaK-E-Area.jpg 2018-08-13-1438_6-TR-Ha-SFilam.jpg 2018-08-13-1444_6-TR-CaK-WPlage.jpg

2018-08-13-1440_5-TR-Ha-EProm.jpg 2018-08-13-1440_9-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg 2018-08-13-1441_2-TR-Ha-SWProms.jpg


August 10, 2018 on 1:51 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The sky cleared up and I had time for a late session.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  The plage in Ha and CaK is still pronounced and we still have the two filaments.  The small SW prom from yesterday has turned further West and now shows a nice prominence.  For the rest a quiet Sun.

2018-08-10-1503_9-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-10-1514_5-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-10-1510_7-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-10-1516_3-TR-Ha-PlageFilam.jpg 2018-08-10-1516_7-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg

2018-08-10-1510_7-TR-CaK-Plage.jpg 2018-08-10-1518_8-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

August 9, 2018 on 9:37 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies with average seeing.  Solar Activity is still Very Low.  No new spots today, so the sun remains very quiet with the two plages and the two filaments.  The prominences have also decreased in size.  The last recorded flare on the Sun was an A1.0 flare on August 3rd. It also could be noted that since June 28th  we had only three days with a very small sunspot.

2018-08-09-1233_7-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-09-1244_8-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-09-1236_9-TR-540nm-WFaculae.jpg 2018-08-09-1248_1-TR-HaWPlage.jpg 2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK-WPlage.jpg

2018-08-09-1251_6-TR-Ha-EProm.jpg 2018-08-09-1252_6-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-08-09-1249_4-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK-Plage.jpg 2018-08-09-1247_7-TR-Ha-PlageFilam.jpg

August 8, 2018 on 12:22 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Low transparency with high cirrus clouds.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  No new spots and the same plages and faculae as yesterday, even the same prominences all of which have moved a bit west. So today’s images cover the same areas as yesterday and the WL full disk image shows some of the clouds of today. I also added another prom image.  Still a lot of data for spotless day 266.

2018-08-08-1309_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-08-1329_5-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-08-1325_5-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-08-1321_8-TR-540nm-Pore.jpg 2018-08-08-1334_3-TR-Ha-EPlage.jpg 2018-08-08-1325_5-TR-CaK-EPlage.jpg

2018-08-08-1315_3-TR-540nm-AR2717Faculae.jpg 2018-08-08-1335_0-TR-Ha-AR2717Plage.jpg 2018-08-08-1325_5-TR-CaK-AR2717Plage.jpg

2018-08-08-1339_0-TR-Ha-NEProms.jpg 2018-08-08-1334_6-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-08-08-1336_6-TR-Ha-SWProms.jpg

August 7, 2018 on 10:58 am | In Sun | Comments Off

The session started with bad seeing, so not much detail in the full disk WL image, but got better with time.  The two plages are still visible in Ha and CaK.  Did not see any faculaes, but this was probably due to the seeing conditions.  The filaments are still nice in Ha and a few proms were visible around the disk.  Full disk images as well as closeups of some of the areas in Ha and CaK on this spotless day 265 with Very Low solar activity.

2018-08-07-1233_6-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-07-1249_1-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-07-1240_2-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-07-1253_3-TR-Ha-EProm.jpg 2018-08-07-1251_2-TR-Ha-ELimb.jpg 2018-08-07-1240_2-TR-CaK-EPlage.jpg

2018-08-07-1251_4-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-08-07-1251_8-TR-Ha-AR2717Plage.jpg 2018-08-07-1240_2-TR-CaK-AR2717Plage.jpg

August 6, 2018 on 9:19 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Scattered clouds with average seeing conditions.  Solar Activity remains Ver Low.  Today we see the same plages from yesterday in Ha and CaK, and the faculae in WL are not as distinct.  The small prom at the SW limb still persist. The filaments near the Eastern limb have grown in density as well as size. Today full disk images as well as close ups of the mentioned areas.

2018-08-06-1230_4-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-06-1240_8-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-06-1236_2-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-06-1232_7-TR-540nm-EFaculae.jpg 2018-08-06-1243_6-TR-Ha-ELimb.jpg 2018-08-06-1236_2-TR-CaK-EPlage.jpg

2018-08-06-1244_6-TR-Ha-PlageAR2717.jpg 2018-08-06-1236_2-TR-CaK-PlageAR2717.jpg

2018-08-06-1244_0-TR-Ha-NEFilam.jpg 2018-08-06-1246_6-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

August 5, 2018 on 2:46 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies with good transparency and seeing.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  The spot in AR2717 from two days ago is gone and a nice plage visible in CaK and Ha remains.  In addition, some nice faculaes at the Eastern limb are noticeable in 540nm. Some filaments can also be observed near the NE limb, while a nice prominence shows at the SW limb. An interesting Sun for spotless Day 263.

2018-08-05-1426_3-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-05-1436_5-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-05-1432_7-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-05-1428_3-TR-540nm-EFaculae.jpg 2018-08-05-1439_3-TR-Ha-EPlage.jpg 2018-08-05-1432_7-TR-CaK-ELimb.jpg

2018-08-05-1429_8-TR-540nm-Pores.jpg 2018-08-05-1439_9-TR-Ha-AR2717.jpg 2018-08-05-1432_7-TR-CaK-AR2717.jpg

2018-08-05-1440_4-TR-Ha-NEFilam.jpg 2018-08-05-1443_1-TR-Ha-Prom.jpg

August 3, 2018 on 11:38 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Finally the clouds opened up a little for my observing session after several days of heavy rains, cloudy skies and tornado warnings.  Solar Activity is Very Low.  The small spot that started to show up three days ago in AR2717 is mostly gone again.  I could not identify the spot today, but a nice plage can be seen in Ha and CaK.  Also noticeable are a few filaments near the NE limb.  Time was too short to chase the few proms at the Eastern limb which can be seen a little in the full disk image.  Today full disk images in three wavelengths and close ups of the mentioned areas.

2018-08-03-1416_1-TR-540nm-AR2717.jpg 2018-08-03-1421_5-TR-Ha-AR2717.jpg 2018-08-03-1429_6-TR-CaK-AR2717.jpg

2018-08-03-1418_8-TR-540nm-AR2717.jpg 2018-08-03-1423_8-TR-Ha-AR2717.jpg 2018-08-03-1429_6-TR-CaK-AR2717Crp.jpg


July 29, 2018 on 3:55 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear and stable skies with good seeing.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  Today is Spotless Day 258.  A small filament as well as some prominences could be observed in Ha around the solar disk.  A new faculae was visible at the eastern limb.  For the rest the Sun looks quiet.

2018-07-29-1415_7-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-07-29-1427_6-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-07-29-1422_6-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-07-29-1418_8-TR-540nm-EFaculae.jpg 2018-07-29-1432_6-TR-HaSEProm.jpg 2018-07-29-1422_6-TR-CaK-ELimb.jpg

2018-07-29-1433_1-TR-Ha-SWProms.jpg 2018-07-29-1433_4-TR-Ha-WProms.jpg 2018-07-29-1433_7-TR-Ha-NWProms.jpg


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