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Broken skies with below average seeing today.  Solar Activity today is still Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days. Total Active Region Area today is at 110 millionths and the three regions support 14 sunspots.  I don’t know what happened, but the three close ups in 540nm came out terrible.  Most likely I thought I finished focusing, but during the processing, it turned out the data I captured was unusable.  So today three full disk images and close ups in Ha and CaK only.

2016-08-27-1310_9-TR-540nm-AR2579-80-81.jpg 2016-08-27-1318_2-TR-Ha-AR2579-80-81.jpg 2016-08-27-1327_0-TR-CaK-AR2579-80-81.jpg

2016-08-27-1322_6-TR-Ha-AR2581.jpg 2016-08-27-1323_0-TR-Ha-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-27-1321_5-TR-Ha-AR2579.jpg

2016-08-27-1327_0-TR-CaK-AR2580-81.jpg 2016-08-27-1327_0-TR-CaK-AR2579.jpg

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I spend some time putting together a composite, showing how the morphology evolved for the two areas AR2565 and AR2567 between July 11th and July 24th, when they were visible for us during Carrington Rotation 2179.  The composition shows the Active Regions as seen filtered in 540nm as well as Ha. The thumbnail is quite fuzzy, so click the full sized icon above the image to see the full resolution image.


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Another clear morning with average seeing on the last day of Carrington Rotation 2180.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days.  AR2580 as well as AR2581 are picking up in size while AR2579  is getting smaller.  Total active Region Area today is at 120 millionths with a total spot count of 9.  Today’s images include the usual full disk images as well as close ups in the three wavelengths.  Also to note today are some nice small filaments in the Ha images.

2016-08-26-1344_5-TR-540nm-AR2579-80-81.jpg 2016-08-26-1353_0-TR-Ha-AR2579-80-81.jpg 2016-08-26-1401_6-TR-CaK-AR2579-80-81.jpg

2016-08-26-1356_3-TR-Ha-AR2581.jpg 2016-08-26-1356_8-TR-Ha-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-26-1355_8-TR-Ha-AR2579.jpg

2016-08-26-1346_2-TR-540nm-AR2581.jpg 2016-08-26-1346_7-TR-540nm-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-26-1348_5-TR-540nm-AR2579.jpg

2016-08-26-1401_6-TR-CaK-AR2580-81.jpg 2016-08-26-1401_6-TR-CaK-AR2579.jpg

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Clear skies with great seeing.  Solar activity is Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  We have 3 Active Regions with a total area of 120 millionths and a total spot count of 17.  Full disk images today with close ups of the regions including a not named area.

2016-08-25-1304_4-TR-540nm-AR2578-79-80.jpg 2016-08-25-1313_2-TR-540nm-AR2578-79-80.jpg 2016-08-25-1321_7-TR-CaK-AR2578-79-80.jpg

2016-08-25-1308_2-TR-540nm-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-25-1306_9-TR-540nm-NotNamed.jpg 2016-08-25-1306_1-TR-540nm-AR2579.jpg

2016-08-25-1316_6-TR-Ha-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-25-1316_6-TR-Ha-AR2579.jpg 2016-08-25-1316_6-TR-Ha-AR2578A.jpg

2016-08-25-1321_7-TR-CaK-AR2580-NotNamed.jpg 2016-08-25-1321_7-TR-CaK-AR2578-79.jpg

August 23, 2016 on 11:20 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Cirrus clouds with average seeing.  The Solar Activity remains Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days.  AR2578 is decaying badly and the two regions on the Eastern half of the hemisphere have been named AR2579 and AR2580.  Total Active Region Area today is 80 millionths with 11 sun spots.  Today full disk images as well as close ups of the regions and the remains of the  old AR2578. My apologies for the Newton rings in the Ha close ups.  I had problems with the flats to correct them.

2016-08-23-1246_7-TR-540nm-AR2579-80.jpg 2016-08-23-1256_9-TR-Ha-AR2579-80.jpg 2016-08-23-1314_1-TR-CaK-AR2579-80.jpg

2016-08-23-1252_0-TR-540nm-AR2579.jpg 2016-08-23-1249_9-TR-540nm-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-23-1251_1-TR-540nm-PrevAR2578.jpg

2016-08-23-1303_2-TR-Ha-AR2579.jpg 2016-08-23-1300_8-TR-Ha-AR2580.jpg 2016-08-23-1301_7-TR-Ha-PrevAR2578.jpg


August 22, 2016 on 4:50 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Seeing was pretty bad this morning with lots of con-trails and high Cirrus clouds.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days, although at this time, a new not named region that popped up overnight in the NE quadrant, produced 3 B-class flares so far.  The region that came around from the far side yesterday has not been named yet either.  Today’s images include full disk images in three wavelengths as well as close ups of AR2578 which measures only 10 millionths, and the two not named regions.

2016-08-22-1337_8-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-22-1351_3-TR-Ha-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-22-1407_6-TR-CaK-AR2578.jpg

2016-08-22-1344_2-TR-540nm-NotNamed.jpg 2016-08-22-1343_3-TR-540nm-NotNamed.jpg

2016-08-22-1359_4-TR-Ha-NotNamed.jpg 2016-08-22-1355_8-TR-Ha-NotNamed.jpg

2016-08-22-1407_6-TR-CaK-ARNotNamed.jpg 2016-08-22-1407_6-TR-CaK-AR2578A.jpg

August 21, 2016 on 10:24 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Fast moving clouds with bad seeing.  Solar Activity is Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  AR2578 is still hanging in there as an Axx area with a size of 10 millionths and 2 sunspots.  Seeing was so bad this morning that I only resorted to full disk images in the three wavelengths and did try the DMK41 also, which performed worse than the ASI174, but I did crop out AR2578 in CaK.

2016-08-21-1239_7-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-21-1302_3-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-21-1307_4-TR-CaK-AR2578A.jpg


August 20, 2016 on 3:30 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Variable and relative slow moving clouds, but openings big enough for my usual imaging session.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  The AR2574 and 76 groups are getting ready to move to the far side of the Sun.  AR2578 is still persisting with 20 millionths.  Total active region area for today is 130 millionths and the spot count at 6.  Today full disk images and close ups of the mentioned regions.

2016-08-20-1303_2-TR-540nm-AR2574-76-78.jpg 2016-08-20-1310_3-TR-Ha-AR2574-76-78.jpg 2016-08-20-1321_5-TR-CaK-AR2574-76-78.jpg

2016-08-20-1304_6-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-20-1306_4-TR-540nm-AR2574-76.jpg 2016-08-20-1314_9-TR-Ha-AR2578.jpg

2016-08-20-1321_5-TR-CaK-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-20-1321_5-TR-CaK-AR2574-76-78Crp.jpg

August 18, 2016 on 2:46 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies again with average seeing.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days.  Four regions today again with AR2575 dropping out and the total Active Region Area decreasing to under 200 millionth. The total spot count is at 9.  A nice filament shows in the NE quadrant, and two proms show on the Western limb, while the Eastern limb shows one. Images include full disk images as well as close ups of the regions and plages in the three wavelengths.

2016-08-18-1353_8-TR-540nm-AR2574-76-77-78.jpg 2016-08-18-1405_5-TR-Ha-AR2574-76-77-78.jpg 2016-08-18-1418_8-TR-CaK-AR2574-76-77-78.jpg

2016-08-18-1356_9-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-18-1356_1-TR-540nm-AR2574-76-77.jpg 2016-08-18-1356_4-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg

2016-08-18-1409_8-TR-Ha-NE-Filament.jpg 2016-08-18-1409_2-TR-Ha-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-18-1408_0-TR-Ha-AR2574-76-77.jpg

2016-08-18-1418_8-TR-CaK-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-18-1418_8-TR-CaK-AR2574-76-77.jpg

August 17, 2016 on 9:41 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Scattered clouds with average seeing this morning.  Solar activity is Very Low with no C-Class flares in the last two days. Today we have four Active regions with a total Active Region area of 220 millionths and a total of 16 Sun spots.  All the regions decreased in size with the exception of AR2575 which stayed at 10 millionths and 3 spots.  Today’s images include full disk images and close ups of the regions in different wavelengths.  Also note the nice filaments spread over the surface and the nice prominences at the NW limb of the full disk Ha image.

2016-08-17-1234_6-TR-540nm-AR2574-75-76-77-78.jpg 2016-08-17-1241_3-TR-Ha-AR2574-75-76-77-78.jpg 2016-08-17-1249_3-TR-CaK-AR2574-75-76-77-78.jpg

2016-08-17-1236_9-TR-540nm-AR2574-75-77.jpg 2016-08-17-1237_2-TR-540nm-AR2576.jpg 2016-08-17-1237_7-TR-540nm-AR2578.jpg

2016-08-17-1245_1-TR-Ha-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-17-1244_5-TR-Ha-AR2574-75-76-77.jpg

2016-08-17-1249_3-TR-CaK-AR2578.jpg 2016-08-17-1249_3-TR-CaK-AR2574-75-76-77.jpg

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