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Clouds all over this morning, so only was able to get an image in WL.  Seeing 2/10.  Solar Activity continues to be Very Low with only a B3.7  flare early this morning.  No reported active regions today for a second day in a row.  Since I could not observe in Ha, I do not know if there were interesting features visible or not.


June 23, 2016 on 2:14 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Yesterday was the last day I could see AR2553 and since I was able to image the Region from June 10th, except for one day, I put a composite together showing how the area evolved during that period.  The area around the spot was great and unfortunately I had to crop too much to show a larger area and more filaments.  But still I believe it looks great.


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Clear Skies with seeing 7/10. Solar activity is still Very Low today with no flares in the last two days.  Although I did not locate any spots during my observation, the total Active Region area for the beginning of today is 160 millionths with two sunspots, .  Full disk images today as well as some close ups.

2016-06-23-1258_4-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-23-1309_8-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-06-23-1325_4-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-23-1316_3-TR-Ha-PRom.jpg 2016-06-23-1317_0-TR-Ha-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-23-1318_3-TR-Ha-NEPRom.jpg


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Clear Skies early on with clouds later.  Seeing 7/10.  No flares yet at all today, and only 2 B-class flares on the 21st.  So Solar activity is Very Low.  AR2553 is ready to turn to the far side of the Sun, so not much to observe today.  Three full disk images as well as close ups of the two regions visible, AR2553 and AR2556.  A nice prom visible at the NE limb as well.

2016-06-22-1243_7-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-22-1254_3-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-06-22-1307_5-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-22-1246_9-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-22-1259_2-TR-Ha-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-22-1307_5-TR-CaK-AR2553.jpg

2016-06-22-1245_9-TR-540nm-2.jpg 2016-06-22-1301_9-TR-Ha-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-22-1307_5-TR-CaK-AR2556.jpg

2016-06-22-1303_2-TR-Ha-NE-Limb.jpg 2016-06-22-1247_2-TR-540nm-AR2558.jpg

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Had a dental appt. in the AM so my session had to wait until in the PM and was impacted by clouds. I was unable to get the CaK images as well as the flat for the Ha close up.  Today’s solar activity is very low with no C-class flare in the last two days.  Total Active Regions for today is 3 with a total area of 310 millionths and 5 Sunspots total.  Two full disk images and a few close ups.

2016-06-21-1832_1-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-21-1837_2-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-21-1902_0-TR-Ha-1.jpg

2016-06-21-1847_7-TR-540nm-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-21-1912_8-TR-Ha-AR2553.jpg

June 20, 2016 on 11:00 pm | In Moon | Comments Off

Today I was able to capture the “Strawberry Moon”. A Strawberry Moon is when the Full Moon falls on one of the Solstices. So today’s Full Moon was such an event. It has been almost 70 years since this happened and I read it was in 1946. Since the horizon at the house is relative high, I went two miles down the street where I captured the Ingress of the Mercury transit and waited for the Moon to come up. And it was beautiful, deep orange, but ut changed very rapidly as the moon rose. So here two images with the tree line in the background.

June 20, 2016 on 12:26 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Reasonable temps and clear skies with seeing at 7/10.  Today we have four Active regions, AR2553, 56 , 57 and 58.  Solar activity is still Low.  Although we have four regions, the total Active Region Area for the Sun is only 330 millionths.  Total Spot count is 8 with 5 spots in AR2558. Today full disk images in the three wavelengths as well as close ups of the regions.

2016-06-20-1231_4-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-20-1239_2-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-06-20-1252_1-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-20-1234_3-TR-540nm-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-19-1256_4-TR-540nm-AR2553A.jpg 2016-06-20-1233_0-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg

2016-06-20-1245_7-TR-Ha-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-20-1244_7-TR-Ha-3.jpg 2016-06-20-1241_6-TR-Ha-AR2553-58.jpg

2016-06-20-1252_1-TR-CaK-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-20-1252_1-TR-CaK-AR2553-57-58.jpg

June 19, 2016 on 1:16 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The skies started to clear up.  Seeing at 7/10.  The Sun produced a C1.7 flare this morning at N11W30 elevating the Solar Activity from Very Low  to Low.  Four Active Regions today with a total Active Region area of 310 millionths and 6 Sunspots.  The largest area AR2553 is still  an alpha, Hhx region.  Today full disk images and some close ups in various wavelengths of some of the regions as noted on the images themselves.

2016-06-19-1253_7-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-19-1309_1-TR-Ha-2.jpg 2016-06-19-1319_7-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-19-1257_1-TR-540nm-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-19-1256_4-TR-540nm-AR2553A.jpg 2016-06-19-1255_8-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg

2016-06-19-1312_3-TR-Ha-AR2556.jpg 2016-06-19-1311_3-TR-Ha-AR2553.jpg

2016-06-19-1319_7-TR-CaK-AR2556-57.jpg 2016-06-19-1319_7-TR-CaK-AR2553-55-57.jpg

June 17, 2016 on 11:53 am | In Sun | Comments Off

This heat wave needs to stop.  Already 90 degrees at the end of my observing session!  Solar activity is Very Low with no C-class flares in the last two days, although AR2555 has been busy with B-class flares. Two Active Regions today with a total area of 340 millionths and a total count of 6 spots.  AR2553 has been an alpha area since it came around the Western limb, and was classified continuously, except for the first day,  as an Hhx area.  In addition to the nice filaments around AR2553, we have a beautiful arching Prom at the NW limb and a new spot emerging in the West.

2016-06-17-1409_4-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-17-1418_0-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-06-17-1429_9-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-17-1411_6-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-17-1420_8-TR-Ha-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-17-1429_9-TR-CaK-AR2553-55.jpg

2016-06-17-1412_1-TR-540nm-AR2555.jpg 2016-06-17-1422_0-TR-Ha-AR2555.jpg 2016-06-17-1425_0-TR-Ha-NW-Proms.jpg

2016-06-17-1413_3-TR-540nm-AR25xx.jpg 2016-06-17-1423_1-TR-Ha-AR25xx.jpg 2016-06-17-1429_9-TR-CaK-AR25xx.jpg

June 16, 2016 on 11:33 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies, with seeing at 6/10.  Solar activity is Very Low with no C-class flare in the last two days.  AR2553 has reached a size of 300 millionths of the 350 total region area for the Sun today. The pores that started to pop up on the 14th have not been named yet, but are the location of some B-class flares activities.  Total Sunspots count is today at 2. The area around AR2553 keeps looking nice with the plages and filaments.  In addition to the regular images I take, I took the C11 out today for a close up of AR2553 and the not named region.

2016-06-16-1305_0-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-06-16-1314_7-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-06-16-1327_3-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-06-16-1307_2-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-16-1318_4-TR-Ha-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-16-1327_3-TR-CaK-AR2553.jpg

2016-06-16-1308_5-TR-540nm-ARxxxx.jpg 2016-06-16-1319_4-TR-Ha-ARxxxx.jpg 2016-06-16-1327_3-TR-CaK-AR2553A.jpg

2016-06-16-1345_0-TR-540nm-AR2553.jpg 2016-06-16-1346_1-TR-540nm-ARxxxx.jpg

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