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Solar Activity is Medium today with one M-Class flare and 13 C-class flares in the last two days. This morning we still had two regions with a total Active Region area of 460 millionths.  By the time I observed I was unable to see AR2565, but still could see AR2567.  Total spot count went down to and was at 14.  I am imaging very early so have problems digging through the atmosphere, but if I wait until later it is way too hot form me.  So today we have three full disk images as well as close ups of the Regions in the three wavelengths and the Ha close up shows a C-2.5 flare in AR2567 .

2016-07-24-1232_8-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-24-1254_3-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-07-24-1308_2-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-24-1235_5-TR-540nm-AR2567A.jpg 2016-07-24-1258_5-TR-Ha-AR2567.jpg 2016-07-24-1308_2-TR-CaK-1A.jpg

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Cirrostratus clouds this morning so had to image through the clouds.  Well what a surprise this morning.  Early today AR2565 did produce 3 flares which exceeded M5, which triggers R2 Alerts to be send.  According to my records, the last R2 was issued on April 17th 2016, over three months ago.  Both AR2565 and 67 are getting ready to turn to the far side of the Sun, so we will not observe what they have in store for us in the next few days. AR2565 is still at 250 millionths, and AR2567 is smaller today at 330.  Total spot count is 16.   Today full disk images as well as close ups in the three wavelengths as well as a close up of a prom at the E limb.  Please remember they were all taken through a thin cloud deck.

2016-07-23-1249_5-TR-540nm-AR2565-67.jpg 2016-07-23-1309_1-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-07-23-1318_8-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-23-1301_2-TR-540nm-AR2565-67.jpg 2016-07-23-1311_7-TR-Ha-AR2565-67.jpg 2016-07-23-1318_8-TR-CaK-AR2565-67.jpg


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Cloudy skies gave way to clear skies and high temps.  Solar activity is Medium with 2 M-Class flares and 14 C-Class flares in the last two days.  AR2567 has increased in size from 390 to 510 millionths, and except for 2 C-class flares, was responsible for all the other activity.  Total Active Region area for the Sun today is at 850 millionths and total spot count is 26.  Today full disk images in all three wavelengths as well as close ups of AR2565, and 67.

2016-07-21-1404_7-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-21-1411_1-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-07-21-1419_2-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-21-1407_2-TR-540nm-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-21-1412_7-TR-Ha-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-21-1419_2-TR-CaK-AR2565_67_69.jpg

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The Astronomical League’s Analemma Program. After taking measurements for a year, I finished the project in April, and did submit my results after I completed the write up, produced the graphs, and made the calculations.  The purpose of the project is to calculate, based only on the data you collected, the latitude of where you are, the tilt of the Earth, as well as the eccentricity of the orbit of our Earth around the Sun. On June 7th I was informed that I had met the requirements for the project. But not for the first time, the AL managed to spell my name incorrect on the certificate, so today I did receive the corrected version and I can close the book on this project. :-)

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Clear skies this morning for a while with good seeing.  Solar Activity is Medium with 8 C-class flares in the last two days.  We have three regions with a total area of 720 millionths and the spot count for today is 28.  AR2567 has grown to 390 millionths and is a Dki on the McIntosh scale.  Full disk images today and close up in the three wavelengths of AR2565, 67.

2016-07-20-1427_7-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-20-1435_0-TR-Ha-2.jpg 2016-07-20-1446_6-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-20-1429_9-TR-540nm-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-20-1437_4-TR-Ha-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-20-1446_6-TR-CaK-AR2565_67_69.jpg


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Cloudy weather with an occasionally break.  However, by the time I had setup I could not get a clear image, so resorted to only capturing a close up, with mixed results.  Today the Sun’s Activity is Low with only 4 C-class flares in the last two days.  We have four Active Regions with a total region area of 660 millionths of which the largest area AR2567 accounts for 330.  Total Spot count for today is at 28.  After 12 attempts to image AR2565,67, this was the best I could do today.


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Found a few small holes to complete my WL imaging, but then the clouds took total control.  The Sun’s activity is Medium with 5 C-class flares produced in the last two days.  AR2565 and 67 have grown some more and are now respectively 350 and 330 millionths.  Total Spot count for today is at 21.  So today only a full disk image in WL as well as close ups of AR2565, 67 and a new not named yet region in the NW quadrant.

2016-07-18-1241_8-TR-540nm-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-18-1239_7-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-18-1242_3-TR-540nm-AR25xx.jpg

July 17, 2016 on 2:58 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies with good seeing. Trying to stay a bit cool, I started the session as soon as the Sun came above my neighbor’s tree at 21 degrees.  Three active regions today.  Ar2565 has increased to 320 millionths and AR2567 to 200.  We have a total of 17 Sunspots.  I took again the C11 out today for a close up of AR2565, 67 at an effective focal length of 4200 mm.  The two combined are over 500 millionths, a good size.  Today full disk images as well as close up in all three wavelengths.

2016-07-17-1218_8-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-17-1229_7-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-07-17-1241_7-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-17-1234_1-TR-Ha-AR2565_67-1_5x.jpg 2016-07-17-1241_7-TR-CaK-1A.jpg

2016-07-17-1323_8-TR-540nm-AR2565_67A.jpg 2016-07-17-1222_0-TR-540nm-AR2565_67-1_5x.jpg

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Had a tough time to find some openings between the clouds this morning. Solar activity is Medium :-) today with 13 C-class flares in the last two days.  Also the Active Regions have gained in size and the total Area is at 510 millionths with AR2565 accounting for 290, and AR2567 for 190.  Five Active Regions today with a total spot count of 23.  Because of the bad conditions, today only two full disk images and a close up of the AR2565, 66, 67 groups in WL and Ha.

2016-07-16-1405_3-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-07-16-1412_1-TR-Ha-1.jpg

2016-07-16-1408_7-TR-540nm-Dr15-AR2565_67.jpg 2016-07-16-1419_0-TR-Ha-AR2565_67_Dr15_001.jpg

July 15, 2016 on 12:15 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Solar Activity is Low today with two C-class flares in the last two days.  We have four regions today with a total active region area of 250 millionths of which AR2565 accounts for 220.  AR2565 is changing from a Cao to a Dro on the McIntosh scale and started producing some additional spots between 0300 and 0600 UT.  Total spot count today is 14.  Today’s images are full disk images as well as close ups.  For some I used the DMK41 since the ASI174MM did act up a little, but later worked fine again. Both the NE as well as the NW limb showed a nice prominence.

2016-07-15-1337_8-TR-540nm-2.jpg 2016-07-15-1352_4-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-07-15-1406_8-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-07-15-1356_1-TR-Ha-AR2565.jpg 2016-07-15-1357_9-TR-Ha-NE-Limb.jpg 2016-07-15-1358_6-TR-Ha-NW-Limb.jpg

2016-07-15-1340_5-TR-540nm-AR2565.jpg 2016-07-15-1406_8-TR-CaK-AR2562_63_64_65.jpg

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