November 13, 2021 on 11:42 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Sunny skies with poor seeing conditions.  Two areas are left, AR2894, which has now split in two spots and AR2895 which has further decayed  to 20 millionths, but was still named this morning. However, we have some real nice prominences near both regions as well as in the NE quadrant.  Full disk images today with closeups of the mentioned regions.

2021-11-13-1418_1-ThRmk-540nm-AR2894-95.jpg 2021-11-13-1426_8-ThRmk-Ha-AR2894-95.jpg 2021-11-13-1433_9-ThRmk-CaK-AR2894-95.jpg

2021-11-13-1420_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-13-1429_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-13-1436_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2894.jpg

2021-11-13-1421_2-T-540nm-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-13-1429_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-13-1436_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2895.jpg


November 12, 2021 on 11:22 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with good seeing.  We still have 3 Active Regions.  However, AR2893 is ready to turn around the western limb.  AR2894 shows a nice and interesting light bridge and some nice filaments nearby. Does it look like AR2895 wants to decay to a plage??  For the rest, the regions are very calm.  Full disk images as well as close ups of the regions.

2021-11-12-1408_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893-94-95.jpg 2021-11-12-1416_8-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893-94-95.jpg 2021-11-12-1424_7-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893-94-95.jpg

2021-11-12-1412_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-12-1419_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-12-1426_7-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893.jpg

2021-11-12-1412_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-12-1419_6-ThRmk-Ha-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-12-1427_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2894.jpg

2021-11-12-1413_1-ThRmk-540nm-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-12-1420_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-12-1428_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2895.jpg

November 10, 2021 on 4:13 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Cloudy skies this morning until it cleared, except for a cloud band close to the sun, which made observations hard and eventually I had to stop. The interruptions made me confused and I used another Barlow lens for the closeup images than I usually do, so don’t compare these images to those from other days.  Only two full disk images and close ups in 540nm.  The three regions were very quiet today.

2021-11-10-1512_2-T-540nm-AR2893-94-95.jpg 2021-11-10-1523_0-T-Ha-AR2893-94-95.jpg

2021-11-10-1514_7-T-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-10-1515_1-T-540nm-AR2904.jpg 2021-11-10-1515_5-T-540nm-AR2895.jpg

November 8, 2021 on 12:15 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The pore I mentioned yesterday was named today as AR2895, and has show some nice growth and an additional spot.  Both AR2893 and AR2894 show light bridges, and Ellerman Bombs can be seen in the Ha close up of AR2893.  In addition to an interesting Sun today some nice prominences can be seen at the Western limb.

2021-11-08-1438_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893-94-95.jpg 2021-11-08-1445_3-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893-94-95.jpg 2021-11-08-1455_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893-94-95.jpg

2021-11-08-1440_4-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-08-1446_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893-EllermansB.jpg 2021-11-08-1456_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893.jpg

2021-11-08-1440_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-08-1447_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-08-1457_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2894.jpg

2021-11-08-1441_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-08-1447_8-ThRmk-Ha-AR2895.jpg 2021-11-08-1458_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2895.jpg


November 7, 2021 on 12:09 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

This is a notable day.  This is my 2000th blog post on my Charlie Elliott Site.  It started in May of 2008 with some images from Mars.  In the meantime I have transitioned through planetary observations to Solar observations and amateur research.  So I am really happy that it has lasted this long. Today we have three named regions AR2891, 93 and 94.  However we might have a pore also in a plage near the NE limb.  Today full disk images as well as closeups of the mentioned regions.

2021-11-07-1420_1-ThRmk-540nm-AR2891-93-94.jpg 2021-11-07-1427_6-ThRmk-Ha-AR2891-93-94.jpg 2021-11-07-1435_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2891-93-94.jpg

2021-11-07-1422_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-07-1430_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-07-1438_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893.jpg

2021-11-07-1422_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-07-1429_5-ThRmk-Ha-AR2894.jpg 2021-11-07-1437_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2894.jpg

2021-11-07-1430_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2891.jpg 2021-11-07-1438_6-ThRmk-CaK-AR2891.jpg

2021-11-07-1431_4-ThRmk-Ha-NewRgn.jpg 2021-11-07-1439_6-ThRmk-CaK-NewRgn.jpg

November 2, 2021 on 1:38 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The last day with clear skies before the clouds will return.  Three areas as yesterday.  AR2887 has almost reached the Western limb.  AR2891 and AR2893 are still nicely positioned for observations.  Two CMEs were produced in the last 24 hours.  One by AR2891 caused by an M1 flare.  The second by AR2887.  The first CME is expected to have an Earth directed component. Full disk images today as well as close ups of the regions.

2021-11-02-1403_7-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887-91-93.jpg 2021-11-02-1412_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887-91-93.jpg 2021-11-02-1420_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887-91-93.jpg

2021-11-02-1405_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887.jpg 2021-11-02-1414_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887.jpg 2021-11-02-1422_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887.jpg

2021-11-02-1407_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2891.jpg 2021-11-02-1414_8-ThRmk-Ha-AR2891.jpg 2021-11-02-1423_5-ThRmk-CaK-AR2891.jpg

2021-11-02-1407_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-02-1415_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-02-1424_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893.jpg

November 1, 2021 on 11:48 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies this morning!  The Sun has been quite active in the last days.  Several M-class flares and an X-class flare! :-)   In addition, several CMEs left the sun.  I did observe 3 Active Regions this morning, AR2887 while it is approaching the western limb, AR2891 near the meridian, and AR2893 which just came around the eastern limb.  Two of the three areas are now in the Northern hemisphere. In addition we see some very nice filaments.  Close ups of the three regions as well as full disk images in the three wavelengths.

2021-11-01-1432_3-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887-91-93.jpg 2021-11-01-1440_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887-91-93.jpg 2021-11-01-1448_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887-91-93.jpg

2021-11-01-1434_8-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887.jpg 2021-11-01-1442_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887.jpg 2021-11-01-1450_1-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887.jpg

2021-11-01-1435_7-ThRmk-540nm-AR2891.jpg 2021-11-01-1443_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2891.jpg 2021-11-01-1450_9-ThRmk-CaK-AR2891.jpg

2021-11-01-1436_6-ThRmk-540nm-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-01-1444_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2893.jpg 2021-11-01-1451_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2893.jpg

October 27, 2021 on 2:26 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

It was supposed to be cloudy, but when I got up we had clear skies with much better seeing than yesterday.  Today we have 6 Active Regions on the solar disk.  AR2886, 87, 88. 89, 90 and a new region had come around the NE limb AR2891.  This region was the source of the M1 flare.  Both AR2891 and AR2887 have been producing some C-class flares.  Might be interesting to follow to see if we are in for an R2 classified flare.

2021-10-27-1458_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886-87-88-89-90-91.jpg 2021-10-27-1506_2-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886-87-88-89-90-91.jpg 2021-10-27-1513_7-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886-87-88-89-90-91.jpg

2021-10-27-1500_3-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886-90.jpg 2021-10-27-1508_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886-90.jpg 2021-10-27-1516_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886-90.jpg

2021-10-27-1500_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-27-1509_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-27-1516_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887.jpg

2021-10-27-1501_5-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887-88.jpg 2021-10-27-1509_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887-88-89.jpg 2021-10-27-1518_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887-88-89.jpg

2021-10-27-1502_3-ThRmk-540nm-AR2891.jpg 2021-10-27-1510_1-ThRmk-Ha-AR2891.jpg 2021-10-27-1518_7-ThRmk-CaK-AR2891.jpg

October 26, 2021 on 11:47 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

I had two appointments today.  Got back from the first one just in time to have an imaging session.  Seeing conditions were very bad at times.  Processing had to wait until after my second appointment.  We do have 5 Active regions AR2886, 87, 88, 89, and 90.  Besides an M1 flare from behind the Eastern limb, and the nice proms around the Solar disk, the areas are pretty much quiet.

2021-10-26-1532_1-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886-87-88-89-90.jpg 2021-10-26-1546_0-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886-87-88-89-90.jpg 2021-10-26-1555_8-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886-87-88-89-90.jpg

2021-10-26-1538_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886-90.jpg 2021-10-26-1548_9-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886-90.jpg 2021-10-26-1558_2-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886-90.jpg

2021-10-26-1539_6-T-540nm-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-26-1551_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-26-1559_0-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887.jpg

2021-10-26-1540_2-ThRmk-540nm-AR2888-89.jpg 2021-10-26-1549_6-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887-88-89.jpg 2021-10-26-1559_7-ThRmk-CaK-AR2888-89.jpg

October 23, 2021 on 7:01 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies again!  AR2886 remains stable and inactive.  The new region AR2887, which can be seen much better than yesterday, produced a few B-class flares in the last 24 hours of which I caught a B3.4.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

2021-10-23-1429_0-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886-87.jpg 2021-10-23-1437_7-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886-87.jpg 2021-10-23-1444_3-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886-87.jpg

2021-10-23-1432_9-ThRmk-540nm-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-23-1440_4-ThRmk-Ha-AR2887.jpg 2021-10-23-1447_6-ThRmk-CaK-AR2887.jpg

2021-10-23-1431_7-ThRmk-540nm-AR2886.jpg 2021-10-23-1439_3-ThRmk-Ha-AR2886.jpg 2021-10-23-1446_4-ThRmk-CaK-AR2886.jpg

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