December 10, 2016 on 1:00 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with seeing as to be expected with the low Sun.  Solar Activity is Very Low again today.  Last report showed one Region AR2615 with an area of 60 millionths and 2 spots.  However today I could not make out any Regions, but one small pore.  Images today include full disk images and close ups of the pore in WL and a few Proms and a filament in the NW quadrant.

2016-12-10-1508_1-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2016-12-10-1518_0-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-12-10-1527_0-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-12-10-1510_7-TR-540nm-2.jpg 2016-12-10-1520_8-TR-Ha-2.jpg

December 9, 2016 on 2:52 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies, but the seeing stays below average with the Sun at an altitude of 20 degrees during my session.   The Solar Activity remains Very Low. We still have one Active Region AR2615, and I noticed a pore. The Active Region Area for today is 60 millionths and we have four sunspots, while AR2615 is moving to the far side of the Sun. It just can be made out in the close ups and best in the WL image. The nice prom from two days ago is gone and we have a small prom on the SW limb. As usual, full disk images and close ups of the mentioned regions.

2016-12-09-1420_2-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-09-1430_6-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-09-1452_5-TR-CaK-AR2615.jpg

2016-12-09-1433_8-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-09-1436_7-TR-Ha-pore.jpg 2016-12-09-1442_7-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg

2016-12-09-1422_9-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-09-1452_5-TR-CaK-AR2615Pore.jpg 2016-12-09-1425_2-TR-540nm-pore.jpg

December 7, 2016 on 12:54 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

After five days of clouds and well needed rain, the skies are clear again.  Seeing was for the most part average but below average for the WL session.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  We have one Active Region left AR2615 with a size of 170 millionths and 14 spots.  Today’s images include the usual WL and narrow band images and the Western limb showed some very nice prominence from a few eruptive prominences to a detached prom,  This image is included in today’s images also.

2016-12-07-1429_1-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-07-1439_2-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-07-1454_8-TR-CaK-AR2615.jpg

2016-12-07-1433_4-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-07-1441_4-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-07-1454_8-TR-CaK-AR2615Crp.jpg


December 2, 2016 on 3:19 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Seeing is not good with the Sun so low in the sky.  Solar Activity is Very Low again with no Flares in the last two days.  We have three Active Regions, AR2612,14 and 15 with a total active region Area of 260 millionths and a sunspot count of 19.  In addition, there are some pores North of AR2614 and some filaments, mainly in the Western and NE quadrants.  Today, full disk images as well as close ups of the mentioned regions.

2016-12-02-1505_9-TR-540nm-AR2612-14-15.jpg 2016-12-02-1518_8-TR-Ha-AR2612-14-15.jpg 2016-12-02-1532_0-TR-CaK-AR2612-14-15.jpg

2016-12-02-1508_9-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-12-02-1521_5-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-12-02-1532_0-TR-CaK-AR2612-14.jpg

2016-12-02-1512_3-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-02-1523_5-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-02-1532_0-TR-CaK-AR2615.jpg

2016-12-02-1509_6-TR-540nm-AR2614.jpg 2016-12-02-1522_5-TR-Ha-AR2614.jpg 2016-12-02-1510_0-TR-540nm-NotNamed.jpg

December 1, 2016 on 2:13 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

We got some much needed rain but the seeing is still below average this morning.  We have three active regions, AR2612, 14 and 15 and the Solar Activity is Medium.  We had 4 C-class flares in the last two days in AR2615 and on the 29th, the same region produced two M1-class flares. However, it has been since July 23rd since we’ve had an R2 alert (Flare > M5). Total Active Region Area is 230 millionths and the spot count has increased dramatically to 45 mainly contributed to AR2612.   Today full disk images as well as close ups of the mentioned regions.

2016-12-01-1425_8-TR-540nm-AR2612-14-15.jpg 2016-12-01-1434_4-TR-Ha-AR2612-14-15.jpg 2016-12-01-1446_1-TR-CaK-AR2612-14-15.jpg

2016-12-01-1428_3-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-12-01-1440_0-TR-Ha-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-01-1446_1-TR-CaK-AR2615.jpg

2016-12-01-1429_5-TR-540nm-AR2615.jpg 2016-12-01-1437_1-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-12-01-1446_1-TR-CaK-AR2612-14.jpg

2016-12-01-1428_9-TR-540nm-AR2614.jpg 2016-12-01-1439_0-TR-Ha-AR2614.jpg

November 27, 2016 on 5:14 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A real thin deck of cirrus-stratus clouds covered the sky.  But seeing was much better than yesterday.  Solar Activity is still Very Low with no C-class flares.  One named region today: AR2612.  The pore from yesterday is now further evolved and contains at least 5 pores.  We’ll see if it gets named today.  The filaments from yesterday are still there and I also captured two others near the Eastern limb.  Total Active Region Area for today is 160 millionths and the spot count is at 3.

2016-11-27-1420_9-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-27-1429_5-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-27-1440_9-TR-CaK-AR2612.jpg

2016-11-27-1423_8-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-27-1433_4-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-27-1440_9-TR-CaK-AR2612Crp.jpg

2016-11-27-1424_7-TR-540nm-NN.jpg 2016-11-27-1431_8-TR-Ha-NotNamed.jpg 2016-11-27-1440_9-TR-CaK-NotNamed.jpg

2016-11-27-1434_2-TR-Ha-NE-Filam.jpg 2016-11-27-1432_5-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg

November 26, 2016 on 3:26 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies!  But seeing remains below average.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  One Active Region today, AR2612, but also noticed a pore near the Western limb.  Total Active Region Area for today has increased from 180 yesterday, to 230 millionths today.  Spot count for today is 2.  We again have some nice filaments in the NE quadrant.  Full disk images today with close ups of the mentioned regions.

2016-11-26-1430_0-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-26-1443_2-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-26-1455_9-TR-CaK-AR2612.jpg

2016-11-26-1433_0-TR-540nm-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-26-1447_7-TR-Ha-AR2612.jpg 2016-11-26-1455_9-TR-CaK-AR2612Crp.jpg

2016-11-26-1434_7-TR-540nm-NN.jpg 2016-11-26-1445_9-TR-Ha-NN.jpg 2016-11-26-1455_9-TR-CaK-NotNmed.jpg


November 22, 2016 on 5:08 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies again with a bit higher humidity, but the seeing is still below average.  Solar Activity is Very Low with only a few B1 and B2 class flares in the last two days.  NOAA’s observers finally caught up with the lack of sunspots, and report no Active Regions or sunspots for today. So total area is zero.  Today full disk images and a few close ups of the areas where the named regions used to be.

2016-11-22-1424_9-TR-540nm-2.jpg 2016-11-22-1435_6-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2016-11-22-1451_0-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2016-11-22-1439_0-TR-Ha-3.jpg 2016-11-22-1429_0-TR-540nm-3.jpg 2016-11-22-1441_5-TR-Ha-5.jpg

2016-11-22-1451_0-TR-CaK-old2611.jpg 2016-11-22-1451_0-TR-CaK-Wlimb.jpg

November 21, 2016 on 12:39 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Seeing is still very bad.  The jet stream is moving away, but we still are getting some heavy wind shears, resulting in waving of the image raw data. Solar Activity is still Very Low and NOAA is still reporting one Active Region AR2611 covering an area of 10 millionths and one spot.  I could not see any spots but the Ha and CaK images showed some plages around the area.  Today full disk images, but no close ups in WL.

2016-11-21-1435_6-TR-540nm-AR2611.jpg 2016-11-21-1443_1-TR-Ha-AR2611.jpg 2016-11-21-1452_9-TR-CaK-AR2611.jpg

2016-11-21-1444_7-TR-Ha-AR2611.jpg 2016-11-21-1447_2-TR-Ha-NW-limb.jpg

2016-11-21-1452_9-TR-CaK-AR2611Crp.jpg 2016-11-21-1452_9-TR-CaK-NWlimb.jpg

November 20, 2016 on 12:37 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The seeing is about the same as yesterday.  Solar Activity is still Very Low.  In fact, I could not make out any sunspots, but NOAA did not drop the regions, probably because of their size and visibility in Ha. So we have two regions with one spot each.  Total active region area for today is 20.  Because of the seeing condition, I could get no reasonable contrast in my visible light close ups, so they are not included today.

2016-11-20-1507_4-TR-540nm-AR2610-11.jpg 2016-11-20-1516_0-TR-Ha-AR2610-11.jpg 2016-11-20-1525_8-TR-CaK-AR2610-11.jpg

2016-11-20-1518_7-TR-Ha-AR2611.jpg 2016-11-20-1519_8-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg 2016-11-20-1520_6-TR-Ha-AR2610.jpg

2016-11-20-1525_8-TR-CaK-AR2611.jpg 2016-11-20-1525_8-TR-CaK-AR2610.jpg

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