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Another sunny day today.  The sun shows about 9 active regions today and it is very nice to observe, compared to a week ago.  Today a full disk image of the sun as well as a closeup of 1459 and 65 and some very nice prominences.

   Sun-Ha-H-046-500-260-Com2 12-04-25 10-20-18InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-H-046-500-260-Com2 12-04-25 10-20-18Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-H-046-370-329-Com1 12-04-25 10-27-44InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-H-046-370-329-Com1 12-04-25 10-27-44Tx.jpg  

April 23, 2012 on 2:29 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

It has been almost a week since my last image.  Cloudy weather and outreach.  Today the sun is showing some C and B class flares, but nothing extreme.  The number of sunspots has increased and some nice filaments pull between and below 1455, and 59.  Today a full disk image and a closeup of 1455 and 59.

   Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-23 10-00-11InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-23 10-00-11Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-F-046-313-260-Com2 12-04-23 10-10-26InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-F-046-313-260-Com2 12-04-23 10-10-26Tx.jpg  

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We have had our house on the market for almost a year now and last week we did accept an offer.  We started looking for another house to buy and spend a lot of time doing this.  We found one and now we are scheduling the different companies to do their thing, septic and well pump letters, termite inspection, appraisals and inspections.  That plus some outreach events put imaging on the back burner.  In addition we’ve had some bad weather this week.  Here only the full disk images of the Sun on 2012-04-12,13,15,and 17.

   Sun-Ha-B-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-12 10-12-17InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-B-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-12 10-12-17Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-C-046-625-260-Com3 12-04-13 10-06-48InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-C-046-625-260-Com3 12-04-13 10-06-48Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-C-182-625-260-Com5 12-04-15 10-39-20InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-C-182-625-260-Com5 12-04-15 10-39-20Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-D-046-625-260-Com8 12-04-17 10-11-31InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-D-046-625-260-Com8 12-04-17 10-11-31Tx-800.jpg  

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A very quiet sun today.  AR1450 and 52 are about to turn to the backside.  A small flare can be seen on the western side in the closeup.  Waiting for action to start again. :-)   We are supposed to be close to solar maximum….?

   Sun-Ha-A-046-625-298-Com1 12-04-10 10-32-25InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-A-046-625-298-Com1 12-04-10 10-32-25Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-A-046-909-582-Com1 12-04-10 10-39-52InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-A-046-909-582-Com1 12-04-10 10-39-52Tx.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-A-046-909-582-Com2 12-04-10 10-41-18InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-A-046-909-582-Com2 12-04-10 10-41-18Tx.jpg  

April 9, 2012 on 11:46 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Today a very quiet sun.  AR 1450 and 52 are rotating toward the western limb and have shown only 4 flares today  of which only 2 were C class flares.  A new filament starts showing at the SE limb.  Today a full solar disk and a closeup of the NE prominence.

   Sun-Ha-Y-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-09 10-16-01InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-Y-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-09 10-16-01Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-Z-046-109-317-Com2 12-04-09 10-29-23InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-Z-046-109-317-Com2 12-04-09 10-29-23Tx.jpg  

April 8, 2012 on 1:14 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A quiet sun today with two active regions and a few small prominences but a nice filament in the NE.  Today a full solar disc image and a few closeups of the active regions AR1450 and 52, the filament and some proms.

   Sun-Ha-T-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-08 10-11-45InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-T-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-08 10-11-45Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-V-046-313-298-Com2 12-04-08 10-22-25InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-V-046-313-298-Com2 12-04-08 10-22-25Tx.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-W-042-313-342-Com5 12-04-08 10-27-47Tx.jpg   Sun-Ha-X-046-313-273-Com6 12-04-08 10-34-01Tx.jpg  

April 7, 2012 on 12:52 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Easter weekend, a nice Saturday to image.  Only two Active Regions today AR1450 and 52 with only two small B flares so far today.  However, some very nice prominences, one at the SW, and a nice hedgerow prom at the SE limb.  A new good sized filament in the NE quadrant and the Ar1450 and 52 areas make for a nice image also but the large filament there from earlier this week has deteriorated a lot.

   Sun-Ha-P-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-07 10-24-05InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-P-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-07 10-24-05Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-R-044-370-336-Com5 12-04-07 10-37-04Tx.jpg   Sun-Ha-R-050-370-336-Com3 12-04-07 10-34-09Tx.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-S_044-370-336-Com6 12-04-07 10-38-38Tx.jpg   Sun-Ha-Q-042-455-336-Com1 12-04-07 10-31-19Tx.jpg  

April 5, 2012 on 1:14 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

This morning variable clouds, this afternoon storms are rolling in….  The sun showed a very tall but very faint prominance at the NNE limb.  I had to raise the luminence a lot to bring this out. An SM90 would probably have done a better job than my SM40….  A second image of 9 minutes later shows that the prom was rising, but I could not make an animation.  AR1450 and 52 are loosing some it their luster and AR1445 is almost on the far side  No major flare activity today.

   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-05 10-02-39InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-04-05 10-02-39Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-N-232-256-260-Com1 12-04-05 10-11-19InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-N-232-256-260-Com1 12-04-05 10-11-19Txt.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-N-034-232-256-Com3 12-04-05 10-14-47InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ha-N-034-232-256-Com3 12-04-05 10-14-47Tx.jpg  

April 4, 2012 on 12:23 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A nice Sun today with Active Regions AR1445, 50, 52, and 53.  AR1450 and 52 make a nice combo.  A few B class flares in 50 and 51 not much more.  The SW prominence is still visible and looks very nice. A long series of low prominences at the NW limb, and another prom at the SE and NE side.  Did also image the sun in CaK today.

   Sun-Ha-I-048-625-260-Com1 12-04-04 09-56-51InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-I-048-625-260-Com1 12-04-04 09-56-51Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-I-026-370-260-Com1 12-04-04 10-04-20Tx.jpg   Sun-Ha-K-187-455-260-Com5 12-04-04 10-08-35Tx.jpg  

   Sun-Ca-L-050-092-260-Com1 12-04-04 10-17-13InvTx-800.jpg   Sun-Ca-L-050-092-260-Com1 12-04-04 10-17-13Tx-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ca-M-060-060-336-Com1 12-04-04 10-22-16InvTx.jpg   Sun-Ca-M-060-060-336-Com1 12-04-04 10-22-16Tx.jpg  

April 3, 2012 on 3:36 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

No clouds to speak of today, but transparency was terrible.  A thin layer made the sun fade in and out causing a real challenge to image today.  5 Active Regions AR1445, 49, 50, 52,and 53 today with just a few B class flares today primarilly in AR1450 and 51.  However a nice tall prominence, which I first saw as a looping prom right next to 1445, but as I got to image opened up. 

   Sun-Ha-G-046-370-260-Com2 12-04-03 10-52-32InvTx-800.jpg    Sun-Ha-G-046-370-260-Com2 12-04-03 10-52-32Tx-800.jpg 

   Sun-Ha-H-042-250-336-Com1 12-04-03 11-24-52Tx.jpg   Sun-Ha-H-055-250-336-Com3 12-04-03 11-26-56Tx.jpg  

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