May 14, 2017 on 5:33 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Three days of all day outreach at a close by school this week.  So today the sky was great with great transparency and seeing.  We have had a few spotless days and today at spotless day 70 is not different, except for a little pore. Solar Activity remains Very Low with no spots and Active Region Areas.  Today’s image shows full disk images and close ups of a few solar areas of interest as well as a few very small prominences and filaments.

2017-05-14-1439_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2017-05-14-1451_0-TR-Ha.jpg 2017-05-14-1504_2-TR-CaK.jpg

2017-05-14-1443_0-TR-540nm-EPlage.jpg 2017-05-14-1453_5-TR-Ha-NE.jpg 2017-05-14-1504_2-TR-CaK-EPlage.jpg

2017-05-14-1444_7-TR-540nm-CtrPore.jpg 2017-05-14-1455_7-TR-Ha-WQuad.jpg 2017-05-14-1504_2-TR-CaK-WLimb.jpg

2017-05-14-1457_8-TR-Ha-EProm.jpg 2017-05-14-1454_4-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg 2017-05-14-1456_8-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg


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