March 7, 2020 on 12:22 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies today with below average seeing, and SWPC reported a spotless Sun.  However we can see something developing not far from the SE limb.  Initially as a plage in CaK, and a pore in 540nm which might become a sunspot.  But so far it has not been named.  In addition we see some nice prominences around the NE and NW limbs.  In the meantime we have surpassed the 33 day spotless streak which ended a year ago on March 5th 2019.  SILSO calls the current streak the longest spotless streak of the current minimum. However, SWPC recorded 2 longer streaks.  One of 36 days and the longest of 43 days.  These however, are still way below the 44, 51 and 52 days in the previous minimum.

2020-03-07-1524_7-TR-540nm-NewSEArea_001.jpg 2020-03-07-1538_4-TR-Ha-Proms_001.jpg 2020-03-07-1531_6-TR-CaK-SEPlage_001.jpg

2020-03-07-1528_2-TR-540nm-NewArea_001.jpg 2020-03-07-1541_8-TR-Ha-NewArea_001.jpg 2020-03-07-1534_2-TR-CaK-NewPlage_001.jpg

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