February 25, 2021 on 8:08 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies this morning with mostly average seeing.  The leading spot from AR2804 has increased a little while the trailing spots did decay some.  AR2805 ha continued its decay.  Today full disk images as well as close ups of AR2804 and AR2805 in the three wavelengths, as well as the plage AR2803 in Ha and CaK.

2021-02-25-1515_2-TR-540nm-AR2804-05.jpg 2021-02-25-1526_1-TR-Ha-AR2804-05.jpg 2021-02-25-1532_8-TR-CaK-AR2804-05.jpg

2021-02-25-1516_7-TR-540nm-AR2804.jpg 2021-02-25-1528_4-TR-Ha-AR2804.jpg 2021-02-25-1535_1-TR-CaK-AR2804.jpg

2021-02-25-1517_2-TR-540nm-AR2805.jpg 2021-02-25-1528_6-TR-Ha-AR2805.jpg 2021-02-25-1535_7-TR-CaK-AR2805.jpg

2021-02-25-1529_0-TR-Ha-PlageAR2803.jpg 2021-02-25-1536_4-TR-CaK-PlageAR2803.jpg

February 24, 2021 on 4:19 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear and stable skies, but my website acted up.  Since my last post, AR2803 has developed and again decayed to a plage and we see two new areas AR2804 and Ar2805, one in the Northern hemisphere and one in the South.  AR2805 is already decaying, but AR2804 has added some trailing spots since yesterday.  In general, the Sun is Very Quiet.  Today, full disk images as well as close ups of AR2804 and AR2803 and an Ha closeup of the remaining plage of AR2803.

2021-02-24-1418_5-TR-540nm-AR2804-05.jpg 2021-02-24-1425_8-TR-Ha-AR2804-05.jpg 2021-02-24-1434_7-TR-CaK-AR2804-05.jpg

2021-02-24-1420_2-TR-540nm-AR2804.jpg 2021-02-24-1428_3-TR-Ha-AR2804.jpg 2021-02-24-1437_0-TR-CaK-AR2804.jpg

2021-02-24-1420_6-TR-540nm-AR2805.jpg 2021-02-24-1429_0-TR-Ha-AR2805.jpg 2021-02-24-1438_2-TR-CaK-AR2805.jpg


February 21, 2021 on 1:02 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies this morning.  AR2803 has decayed some, but remains visible in all wavelengths.  In addition to yesterday’s prom in the NE, today, we see a nice prom in the SW.

2021-02-21-1547_1-TR-540nm-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-21-1557_1-TR-Ha-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-21-1604_9-TR-CaK-AR2803.jpg

2021-02-21-1551_7-TR-540nm-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-21-1600_1-TR-Ha-AR2803-Prom.jpg 2021-02-21-1607_1-TR-CaK-AR2803.jpg


February 20, 2021 on 12:12 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies with average seeing. AR2802, which showed for one day near the Western limb, has decayed to a plage, but a new area AR2803 has developed near the NE limb. The area is very good noticeable in all wavelengths as well as two nice proms.  Today full disk images as well as close ups of the new area.

2021-02-20-1507_1-TR-540nm-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-20-1514_5-TR-Ha-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-20-1522_4-TR-CaK-AR2803.jpg

2021-02-20-1509_9-TR-540nm-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-20-1518_3-TR-Ha-AR2803.jpg 2021-02-20-1524_5-TR-CaK-AR2803.jpg

February 17, 2021 on 12:35 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

It feels like forever since I had my last imaging session, but the clouds are gone at least for a few days?  The Sun has been spotless since my last session and continues today, one day before the end of rotation 2240.  However a few nice filaments are  visible in the southern hemisphere and some proms at the Eastern limb.

2021-02-17-1508_2-TR-540nm.jpg 2021-02-17-1512_3-TR-Ha-Proms.jpg 2021-02-17-1515_6-TR-CaK.jpg

February 8, 2021 on 11:44 am | In Sun | Comments Off

High Cirrus clouds in the sky this morning during my observing session.  No spots were reported yet by SWPC in the 1230 UT briefing, but two small pores were visible in the 540nm close up image, close to the very nice prominence near the SE limb.  The Ha and Cak images show a nice plage in its location.  Today full disk images as well as close ups, in the three wavelengths.

2021-02-08-1428_2-TR-540nm.jpg 2021-02-08-1435_4-TR-Ha-SEProm.jpg 2021-02-08-1438_7-TR-CaK-SEPlage.jpg

2021-02-08-1430_4-TR-540nm-SEPores.jpg 2021-02-08-1452_7-TR-Ha-SEPlage-Prom.jpg 2021-02-08-1441_3-TR-CaK-SEPlage.jpg

February 3, 2021 on 1:01 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Two days ago an area started to appear in the NE quadrant and yesterday the 2 small spots were named AR2801.  Today I managed to see a small spot or pore in the 540nm close up image near a faculae close to that location.  No spot was observed in Ha or Cak. So I wonder if spot is already decayed to unipolar spot or maybe a pore.  Full disk images today as well as close ups of the mentioned area.

2021-02-03-1546_1-TR-540nm-AR2801.jpg 2021-02-03-1553_6-TR-Ha-AR2801.jpg 2021-02-03-1559_6-TR-CaK-AR2801.jpg

2021-02-03-1548_6-TR-540nm-AR2801.jpg 2021-02-03-1555_8-TR-Ha-AR2801.jpg 2021-02-03-1602_1-TR-CaK-AR2801.jpg

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