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Finally the sun is out again.  Today 6 active regions AR1438, 40, 41, 43, 44, 45 and a few small prominences.  the regions are relative calm with the last M class flare having been yesterday in 1445.

    Sun-Ha-K-046-500-260-Com1 12-03-24 10-18-21InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-K-046-500-260-Com1 12-03-24 10-18-21Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-L-191-370-370-Com2 12-03-24 10-28-04InvTxt.jpg    Sun-Ha-L-191-370-370-Com2 12-03-24 10-28-04Txt.jpg 

   Sun-Ha-M-046-370-370-Com4 12-03-24 10-30-41InvTxt.jpg    Sun-Ha-M-046-370-370-Com4 12-03-24 10-30-41Txt.jpg 

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