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A very interesting sun today.  6 Active regions and some nice prominences and filaments.  Two large proms at the eastern limb and one high extending from the western limb. One of the eastern proms is still showing an arch as it turns to the font of the Sun. A nice encircling prominence around AR1444 and the structure around AR1445 is very complex.  The active regions are not very active in turn of strength, only B and C class flares today.

   Sun-Ha-R-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-26 10-08-51InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-R-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-26 10-08-51Txt-800.jpg  

  Sun-Ha-T-046-500-414-Com4 12-03-26 10-23-51Txt.jpg   Sun-Ha-V-051-154-380-Co10 12-03-26 10-39-22Txt.jpg  

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