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Broken skies today with average to very bad seeing. (CaK did not come out at all) In addition, I was handicapped today, because two weeks ago I did send in my SolarMax-40, which I use for my Ha images, for repairs. The scope started to develop (ghost) images about a year ago. Because of the solar eclipse last year August, I did purchase a new replacement blocking filter, which solved the problem, but I wanted the scope to get a checkout, and finally did send it away. I’ve been told it can take 8 weeks….

Solar Activity is Very Low today because no C or higher flares were observed. This does not take away that the sun was pretty active producing B class flares to the tune of 4 so far today, and 7 yesterday! AR2712 has decayed to 30 millionths and still contains 10 spots. So this limits my images today to visible light only. A full disk image and a close up of AR2712 and a plage at eastern side of the sun.

2018-06-03-1243_2-TR-540nm-NEQuad.jpg 2018-06-03-1239_0-TR-540nm-AR2712.jpg 2018-06-03-1241_2-TR-540nm-AR2712.jpg

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