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Spotless Day 231 with good seeing and transparency.  The plage draws all the attention in CaK but the faculae is much harder to see in 540nm today than yesterday.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.   Full disk images in CaK and 540nm as well as close ups of the mentioned region and the western limb.

2018-07-11-1304_5-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-07-11-1315_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-07-11-1307_9-TR-540nm-faculae.jpg 2018-07-11-1308_5-TR-540nm-WLimb.jpg

2018-07-11-1315_1-TR-CaK-plage.jpg 2018-07-11-1315_1-TR-CaK-WLimb.jpg

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