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This morning low transparency but average seeing.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  However, I saw a small pore poking up near the W limb, which seemed to grow in size.  I wonder if this will continue.  I believe the faculae in 540nm in the Eastern hemisphere is decaying.  At least it is much harder to make out now where the light intensity is increasing as it continues to rotate to the Meridian.  Two full disk images and close ups of the mentioned areas. I have to correct my post from yesterday, it was Spotless Day 241 instead of 231.  (They don’t repeat )  :-)

2018-07-12-1241_0-TR-540nm-pore.jpg 2018-07-12-1251_2-TR-CaK-pore.jpg

2018-07-12-1245_9-TR-540nm-RemnFac.jpg 2018-07-12-1245_0-TR-540nm-pore.jpg

2018-07-12-1251_2-TR-CaK-plage.jpg 2018-07-12-1251_2-TR-CaK-poreCrp.jpg

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