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Clear Skies with average seeing.  Solar Activity is still Very Low.  No new spots today, so the sun remains very quiet with the two plages and the two filaments.  The prominences have also decreased in size.  The last recorded flare on the Sun was an A1.0 flare on August 3rd. It also could be noted that since June 28th  we had only three days with a very small sunspot.

2018-08-09-1233_7-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-08-09-1244_8-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-08-09-1236_9-TR-540nm-WFaculae.jpg 2018-08-09-1248_1-TR-HaWPlage.jpg 2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK-WPlage.jpg

2018-08-09-1251_6-TR-Ha-EProm.jpg 2018-08-09-1252_6-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-08-09-1249_4-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

2018-08-09-1240_1-TR-CaK-Plage.jpg 2018-08-09-1247_7-TR-Ha-PlageFilam.jpg

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