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Late observing today following an appointment in the early morning.  Clear skies with average seeing.  No sunspots today, but we did notice a small plage developing near the SW limb at 16 degrees South. As it turns out, this is  a reversed polarized (Cycle 25) plage. In addition a small reversed polarized area showed at a much lower latitude near the equator.   This follows the appearance over the last two days of a small reverse polarized area high up in the Northern hemisphere.  Will have to keep an eye on them.

In addition, a large but faint prom showed at the NW limb. Today full disk images as well as close ups of the reverse polarized areas.

2019-02-13-1634_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2019-02-13-1648_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2019-02-13-1643_1-TR-540nm.jpg

2019-02-13-1652_1-TR-Ha-RevPolAR.jpg 2019-02-13-1643_1-TR-540nm-RevPolAR.jpg 2019-02-13-1652_9-TR-Ha-SmllRevPolAR.jpg

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