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Clear skies for a little while with average seeing.  AR2765 is getting ready to turn to the back side of the Sun.  It still can be made out as well as the faculae, in visible light, and the plages are still nicely visible in CaK and Ha. It covers 20 millionths with 1 spot and is an Hsx spot.  A few filaments are also visible.  Unfortunately my full disk 540nm image has some of the Southern hemisphere cut of.  Well, I did not notice it until I started processing. :-(   So far AR2765 has accounted for 900 millionths for the current Total Regions Areas during CR2231.

2020-06-15-1227_4-TR-540nm-AR2765.jpg 2020-06-15-1233_6-TR-Ha-AR2765.jpg 2020-06-15-1241_4-TR-CaK-AR2765.jpg

2020-06-15-1229_7-TR-540nm-AR2765.jpg 2020-06-15-1236_1-TR-Ha-AR2765.jpg 2020-06-15-1243_6-TR-CaK-AR2765.jpg

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