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The skies cleared around 11:30 with below average seeing.  AR2735’s leading spots seem to hold on, and the coverage has not changed a lot.  The filament to the NW of the region looks interesting as well as a second very faint filament in parallel to it,  between the filament and the area. Total Active Region Area for today is 10 millionths with three spots.  Today full disk images and close ups of the mentioned regions.

2019-03-19-1640_4-TR-Ha-AR2735.jpg 2019-03-19-1651_7-TR-Ha-AR2735.jpg 2019-03-19-1647_5-TR-CaK-AR2735.jpg

2019-03-19-1656_9-TR-Ha-AR2735FilaPlge.jpg 2019-03-19-1642_5-TR-Ha-AR2735.jpg

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A Clear Day with good seeing, and to top it off, a new Region just named AR2735.  In addition there are a few nice proms around the disk as well as a nice filament N of the new region.  Today close ups of the mentioned filament and new region as well as full disk images in the three wavelengths.

2019-03-18-1428_2-TR-540nm-NewAR.jpg 2019-03-18-1440_1-TR-Ha-NewAR.jpg 2019-03-18-1434_4-TR-CaK-NewAR.jpg

2019-03-18-1443_9-TR-Ha-NewAR.jpg 2019-03-18-1430_9-TR-540nm-NewAR.jpg 2019-03-18-1442_3-TR-Ha-FilamNewAR.jpg

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Clear Skies!!! :-) with average seeing.  AR2734 is still visible as a small Axx region near the Western limb as we start Carrington Rotation 2215.  It covers 10 millionths and one spot.  A small filament is also visible as well as a nice prom at the NW limb.  Other than that the Sun is pretty quiet.

2019-03-12-1420_4-TR-540nm-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-12-1435_1-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-12-1430_3-TR-CaK-AR2734.jpg

2019-03-12-1425_2-TR-540nm-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-12-1438_8-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-12-1430_3-TR-CaK-AR2734Crp.jpg


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Another day with clear skies and average seeing for a change.  AR2734 has evolved a bit more and now is a Cro area with 7 spots and covers 30 millionths.  AR2734’s magnetic poles did not rotate and the small bipolar area that now should be close to the meridian, has disappeared.  This leaves one reverse polarized area in the Southern hemisphere, which can be seen in the CaK image.  Full disk images today with close ups of AR2734 in three wavelengths.

2019-03-07-1517_3-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-07-1529_8-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-07-1524_5-TR-CaK-AR2734.jpg

2019-03-07-1520_7-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-07-1532_9-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-07-1524_5-TR-CaK-AR2734Crp.jpg

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Clear skies, but the seeing was poor.  The not named area from yesterday has now been named as AR2734 and covers 20 millionths with 4 spots.  Two days ago its polar alignment showed indications that it would turn to reverse polarization, however it has not done so yet.  So we have a spot that is aligned 90 degrees tilted from either direction.  Maybe an in-between area? However, the two areas in the Southern hemisphere which contain no spots, and are not named, still show reverse polarization.  Full disk images today as well as close ups of AR2734 in the three wavelengths and a composite.

2019-03-06-1512_7-TR-540nm-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-06-1524_8-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-06-1520_3-TR-CaK-AR2734.jpg

2019-03-06-1516_3-TR-540nm-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-06-1527_7-TR-Ha-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-06-1520_3-TR-CaK-AR2734Crp.jpg

2019-03-06-1520-TR-540nm-Ha-CaK-AR2734.jpg 2019-03-06-1528_6-TR-Ha-RevPolar.jpg

March 5, 2019 on 1:47 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies but cold.  The small area in the NE quadrant from yesterday has continued to evolve and shows some B class spots but no penumbra.  If confirmed by SWPC this would bring the current spotless streak with 33 days to an end.  We still do see the three reverse polarized areas we showed yesterday, but the positive polarization of the NE area has not turned to leading yet. So even if the spotless streak ends, its an interesting Sun.  Today’s images in the three wavelengths as well as close ups of the mentioned areas in WL and Ha.

2019-03-05-1447_9-TR-540nm-NN-AR.jpg 2019-03-05-1507_8-TR-Ha-NN-AR.jpg 2019-03-05-1502_8-TR-CaK-NN-AR.jpg

2019-03-05-1510_6-TR-Ha-NN-AR-RevPolar.jpg 2019-03-05-1450_8-TR-540nm-NN-RevPolar.jpg 2019-03-05-1509_7-TR-Ha-RevPolar.jpg

March 4, 2019 on 7:08 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Today’s sun was very interesting.  We have been following the cycle 25 polarized regions on the Sun so far, but this was the first day where we had three cycle 25 polarized areas at the same time.  One in the Northern hemisphere and two in the Southern.  However, none of them did show any sunspots.  Here the composite image of the CaK and HMIB image from SDO.


March 4, 2019 on 5:05 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The sky cleared up a bit around noon. The Sun is spotless again for spotless day 412 since solar max. and the current spotless streak has now reached 32 spotless days. The two plages visible close to the Eastern limb in the CaK image, and to a lesser extend in Ha,  are polarized as C-25 areas. The close up in Ha is of the small Northern area visible in the CaK image.

2019-03-04-1904_9-TR-540nm.jpg 2019-03-04-1916_9-TR-Ha.jpg 2019-03-04-1912_3-TR-CaK.jpg


February 25, 2019 on 12:57 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear skies again with average seeing.  We again have a spotless Sun today.  The current streak of spotless days since solar max. equals the highest streak so far in the transition from Cycle 24 to Cycle 25. We reached the same number of 25 days more than three months ago back in November, which is a far cry from the highest streak in the transition from Cycle 23 to 24, which was 52 days.  So we’ll keep counting and see what happens in the coming months. Please note that my data is based on the daily reports from NOAA’s SWPC.

2019-02-25-1518_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2019-02-25-1531_0-TR-Ha.jpg 2019-02-25-1525_3-TR-CaK.jpg

February 24, 2019 on 1:52 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

The last two months we have had terrible observing conditions, but today we had a little break. A spotless Sun today which brings us to spotless day 404 since solar max. by using SWPC’s daily reports.  Some faculae are visible at the Western limb in 430nm as well as a plage in Ha and CaK.   Some very faint proms could also be seen at the NW limb.

2019-02-24-1605_1-TR-540nm.jpg 2019-02-24-1623_3-TR-Ha.jpg 2019-02-24-1617_7-TR-CaK.jpg

2019-02-24-1626_1-TR-Ha-WPlage.jpg 2019-02-24-1612_9-TR-540nm.jpg

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