Back for another year!

January 2nd, 2019 | by sbieger |

Welcome all to a new year and a new perspective. I feel inspired to move forward and to share my passion for astronomy with the outside world again for another year. There is much to revel in this coming year including the lunar eclipse on January 20! Check my next post for details. I hope to get some of my astro projects up and running, especially with my research on ethnoastronomy and archeoastronomy.

I also plan (again) to take this astronomy blog site to the next level in the coming months. I’ll be focused on completing the series on naked eye lunar observing and moon tools. I am also gathering some external online content on Solar Dynamics and Space Weather as a bonus, ya know, in my spare time. Stick around and watch this space for more stuff soon.

In any case, here is wishing you Clear Skies!

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