About Steve

Hello, I’m Steve Bieger, Science Ambassador and Tour Guide to the Cosmos. I am interested in science, especially physics and all things astronomy.

I am an instructor at Emory Center for Continuing Education. I conduct an astronomy introduction course there call “Astronomy in the Suburbs”. See this link for more information on the upcoming classes.

I’ve been a member of the Atlanta Astronomy Club (AAC), Charlie Elliot Chapter since 2001 and have previously served a three year stint as Observing Supervisor for the Chapter. I still give the occasional presentation at club meetings and join in when I can to astronomy outreach activities which are the mainstay of the clubs charter. My current activity is building a 12.5 inch Dobsonian Reflector using a hybrid design. Watch this site for more on that project in the near future.

I am also an Astronomy Assistant at the Fernbank Science Center (FSC) Observatory and the Planterium. I’ve been a regular fixture around the “dome” for almost 12 years now. Fernbank is open to the public on Thursday and Friday evenings when the weather is good. Myself and the other astronomy staff are always happy to show off the sky to our many visitors.

Here’s a wonderful image of the 36 inch Cassegrain at FSC with myself at the eyepiece. This wonderful shot was composed by Kyle Ripley in November 2009.

When I am not down at FSC, you might find me sky watching through one of my own telescopes. I had my first real chance to use my brand 6 inch Schmidt Newtonian under a dark sky back in 2004. This was taken during the AAC Zombie Party in the spring of that year.

You can contact me at steve.bieger@CEastronomy.org. Enjoy your time on Steve’s Virtual Planet!

(updated on Feb 22, 2017)