SVC Tip #5 - New Features

September 4th, 2018 | by sbieger |

Here’s another update in the series on using Sky View Cafe (SVC) and some details on the recent upgrade of this tool. Kerry Shetline has released the latest upgrade as of July 2017 with a slightly different look but it replaces the legacy Java version. There have been some refinements but it’s still the very familiar tool compared to the old one. The currnet version as of this writing is 1.4.14.

Java is not used any longer (yay!) so this means you won’t have those annoying instances of the tool just dying because a new security fix is needed.

There is an extensive help page but use the link within the “More …” button. Most things are fairly intuitive but there are likely things you don’t catch without a lot of trial and error.

Have a great time with SVC and check out the other tips here SVC Tip #1 & SVC Tip #2 & SVC Tip #3 & SVC Tip #4

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