Saturn is back for 2019

July 9th, 2019 | by sbieger |

Saturn is back and easy to find in the southeastern sky, a little east from the handle of The Teapot in the constellation Sagittarius. In the telescope, the planet’s pail yellow color is a easy to detect and fun to compare to the brighter hues of Jupiter to the west.

The ringed world has been getting higher in the sky daily, making for better views each week. This apparition, the rings are around 24 degree tilt, a little less than last year but still looking very impressive. The Cassini division is still easy to make out with much of the rings face still exposed.

We have been getting better and better views of the ringed planet through Fernbank’s 36 inch Cassegrain. Even early during twilight, we can begin to pick out Titan and the other moons quite easily.

There will be plenty of opportunities to catch the Lord of the Rings between now and early November.

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