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Yule bLog

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

The nights are getting longer and the sun is lower in the sky each day. Our planet is bathed in sunlight at a more oblique angle and the signs all around of Winter are unmistakable. And for centuries, even before written history, human kind has marked our Sun's arch in ...

Ancient Astronomers of Chaco Canyon

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

This is another post about Rich Holtzin's blog, this time covering the amazing archeological site of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. There will be more blogs on this since it is a growing interest of mine. But for now, hereĀ  re the links to his two part series on Chaco. ...

Archeoastronomy - An introduction

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

I am always on the lookout for interesting articles on astronomy and recently I came across a series on archeoastronomy by Rich Holtzin. He has been on an extensive tour of the South West United States since late last year and has spent quite a lot of time visiting archeological ...