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After the clouds cleared up this morning, we had a beautiful day.  I made two closeups and I am showing the inverted versions of them.
I also decided to give the Ca-K PST another run, so Stephen will be happy.  The large filament seems to have  degraded a lot and proms are not very big either.  However, the active regions look terrific.

Sun-Ha-X-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-04-00InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-X-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-04-00Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-Y-046-370-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-13-06InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-Z-059-625-392-Com5 12-02-26 10-25-23InvTxt.jpg

Sun-Ca-Z-046-154-304-Com2 12-02-26 10-41-30InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ca-Z-046-154-304-Com2 12-02-26 10-41-30Txt.jpg

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Today’s Sun was real nice, but the large prominence from the 23rd was gone.  However there still were some very nice prominences around the Sun, especially on the SE and Southern limb, as well as a very large filament in the shape of a V in the southern half.  The new regions still keep producing B class flares so no major outbreak has happened so far, but what not is, still can come….

Sun-Ha-V-046-625-260-Com2 12-02-25 11-04-40InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-V-046-625-260-Com2 12-02-25 11-04-40Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-V-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-25 11-11-58InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-V-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-25 11-11-58Txt.jpg

Sun-Ha-W-050-313-260-Com3 12-02-25 11-14-28InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-W-050-313-260-Com3 12-02-25 11-14-28Txt.jpg

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Did not get the Ha Filter tuned right.  I had too much distraction and not much time because of the outreach event at Providence Elementary School.  However, I could not overlook the beautiful prominences at the SE as well as the NE limb.  Moving clouds made this prom capture a real challenge.

Sun-Ha-T-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-23 12-44-56InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-T-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-23 12-44-56Txt-800.jpg

February 20, 2012 on 3:57 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

It has been since the 12th that we have seen C-class flares on the sun until yesterday when a C flare was detected again.  Since then, we have seen 3 more C-class flares, two C2 and one C4 class.  Maybe the sun is waking up again?   Two very nice prominences in the east as well as western limb.  A nice dark filament is stretching in the SE quadrant.  Today a full disk image and two closeups.

Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-47-55InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-47-55Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-56-10InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-56-10Txt.jpg

Sun-Ha-S-046-313-260-Com5 12-02-20 09-58-24InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-S-046-313-260-Com5 12-02-20 09-58-24Txt.jpg

February 17, 2012 on 6:13 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Cloudy forecast, but a small break in the clouds allowed me to image the sun.  The prominence image was taken through a thin band of clouds before everything disappeared, not much flare activity today, but as very nice prominence at the SE limb.

Sun-Ha-P-154-250-260-Com1 12-02-17 11-19-54InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-P-154-250-260-Com1 12-02-17 11-19-54Txt-800.jpg

February 15, 2012 on 1:47 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A crisp morning to image with wide con-trails everywhere.  Today very nice display of several prominences.  B type flares keep crackling in 1416 and a new region at the eastern limb.  A very nice double looping prominence at the western limb and some others at the eastern side.  Also the filamens are showing nice today especially puffy filament in the inverted version of the closeup of AR1420 and the prom at the western limb.

   Sun-Ha-O-046-500-260-0Com1 12-02-15 10-05-31InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-O-046-500-260-0Com1 12-02-15 10-05-31Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-P-046-250-260-Com4 12-02-15 10-26-04InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-P-046-250-260-Com4 12-02-15 10-26-04Txt.jpg  

February 13, 2012 on 1:24 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Some nice flares have popped up during the last 24 hours both B and C class flares.  The 2 large prominences at the NE limb are still there and the area of 1417,19 and 20 is very active.  Several smaller prominences are also seen at the Western limb and some nice filaments now also extend in the southern hemisphere.  I also imaged a close up of AR1417 and 19 with the prominences nearby.

   Sun-Ha-L-046-769-260-Com4 12-02-13 09-48-26InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-L-046-769-260-Com4 12-02-13 09-48-26Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-M-166-370-260-Com2 12-02-13 09-57-07InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-M-166-370-260-Com2 12-02-13 09-57-07Txt.jpg  

February 12, 2012 on 12:51 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Beautiful skies again today, but the temperatures had dropped to 23 F  degrees.  Cold….  I noticed a high but very faint prom on the NE limb when I started my session, but at the time I finished imaging my full disk image, the remnant was almost completely gone. You can see the very faint remnant in the last image. However, some nice flares and prominences can still be seen.  Today also a closeup of AR1416 as well as 1417 with the proms at the NE limb.

   Sun-Ha-I-046-625-260-Com5 12-02-12 10-04-32InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-I-046-625-260-Com5 12-02-12 10-04-32Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-J-046-526-260-Com1 12-02-12 10-11-51InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-J-046-526-260-Com1 12-02-12 10-11-51Txt.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-K-046-455-260-Com3 12-02-12 10-14-44InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-K-046-455-260-Com3 12-02-12 10-14-44Txt.jpg  

February 11, 2012 on 12:48 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Broken clouds this morning during my imaging session with very strong winds.  Had just enough time to image a full disk image of the Sun between the cloud fields.  Very nice long filaments  and AR1416 and 17 have been crackling with C1,2 and 1.4 flares over the last 12 hours.  However, very limited prominence activity at the time of imaging.

   Sun-Ha-H-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-11 10-43-48InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-H-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-11 10-43-48Txt-800.jpg  

February 9, 2012 on 1:39 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Cloudy skies today.  Conditions were very bad to image.   After the full sun image there was no time for closeups left.  The large prominence from yesterday at the eastern limb has turned to the front of the sun and has become a filament.  The large prom at the western limb has turned further to the back side and can hardly be seen today and AR1415 is following it close. 

   Sun-Ha-G-046-455-260-Com3 12-02-09 10-22-02InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-G-046-455-260-Com3 12-02-09 10-22-02Txt-800.jpg  

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