February 20, 2012 on 3:57 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

It has been since the 12th that we have seen C-class flares on the sun until yesterday when a C flare was detected again.  Since then, we have seen 3 more C-class flares, two C2 and one C4 class.  Maybe the sun is waking up again?   Two very nice prominences in the east as well as western limb.  A nice dark filament is stretching in the SE quadrant.  Today a full disk image and two closeups.

Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-47-55InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-47-55Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-56-10InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-02-20 09-56-10Txt.jpg

Sun-Ha-S-046-313-260-Com5 12-02-20 09-58-24InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-S-046-313-260-Com5 12-02-20 09-58-24Txt.jpg

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