February 26, 2012 on 6:51 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

After the clouds cleared up this morning, we had a beautiful day.  I made two closeups and I am showing the inverted versions of them.
I also decided to give the Ca-K PST another run, so Stephen will be happy.  The large filament seems to have  degraded a lot and proms are not very big either.  However, the active regions look terrific.

Sun-Ha-X-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-04-00InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-X-046-625-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-04-00Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-Y-046-370-260-Com1 12-02-26 10-13-06InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-Z-059-625-392-Com5 12-02-26 10-25-23InvTxt.jpg

Sun-Ca-Z-046-154-304-Com2 12-02-26 10-41-30InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ca-Z-046-154-304-Com2 12-02-26 10-41-30Txt.jpg

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