April 2, 2017 on 1:01 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Clear Skies this morning and seeing conditions went from poor to average over a period of several hours.  Wow!  The Solar Activity has gotten a very large boost over the last 24 hours.  So far AR2644, while being close to the Western limb, has produced three M-class flares of which one caused an R2 alert to be posted.  I was able to capture some of the activity in my images.  We also have 4 Active Regions now, AR2644, 45, 47, and 48.  The latter one just coming around the Eastern limb.  So today full disk images and close ups of the regions with some nice flaring.

2017-04-02-1307_9-TR-540nm-AR2644-55-47-48.jpg 2017-04-02-1320_0-TR-Ha-AR2644-45-47-48.jpg 2017-04-02-1331_2-TR-Ha-AR2644-45-47-48.jpg

2017-04-02-1608_4-TR-Ha-AR2644.jpg 2017-04-02-1615_4-TR-Ha-AR2644.jpg 2017-04-02-1331_2-TR-Ha-AR2644-45.jpg

2017-04-02-1607_3-TR-Ha-AR2645.jpg 2017-04-02-1614_8-TR-Ha-AR2645.jpg

2017-04-02-1615_9-TR-Ha-AR2648.jpg 2017-04-02-1331_2-TR-Ha-AR2648.jpg

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