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A Short Summary of CR2230

Carrington Rotation CR2230 covered the time period from 2020-04-24 1529 UT – 2020-05-21 2100 UT.
The observations can be viewed in my Solar Archive for CR2230 which can be accessed at:

The rotation brought us 21 spotless days, with a spotless streak of 20 days which was interrupted for 6 days while showing 4 Active Regions.  AR2760 emerged on 4/26/2020 and lasted the entire 6 days with the exception that it disappeared for a short time on 4/29.  Another region which was named AR2761 showed only for part of a day one day earlier.  All regions were very small at 10 millionths, with AR2761 being the exception by increasing to 20 millionths on 4/30 and 5/1.   The maximum Wolf Number of 35 was reached on 5/1 when both AR2760 and 63 were reported with 2 spots each.  Overall Solar Activity remained Very Low with a Total Rotation Active Region Area of 100 millionths, while the rotation increased the spotless days count since solar maximum to 759 spotless days. Finally, during the period SWPC reported two A-class, two B class, and no C-class flares.
This time I would like to feature some combination images showing some prominences at the SW rim.

2020-05-04-1315_6-TR-Ha-SEProm-Film.jpg 2020-05-03-1307_0-TR-Ha-SEFilaprom.jpg 2020-05-17-1437_6-TR-Ha-SEProm.jpg

Clear Skies,
Theo Ramakers

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