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Clear skies today but many wide con-trails made the session much more challenging.  AR2782 has decayed in WL and I could not see it.  However in Ha and CaK the plages both AR2781 and 82 were nicely visible.  I am still imaging on my old laptop.  The replacement battery for my main laptop is supposed to arrive next Tuesday.  So until them it will be a handicap.

2020-11-14-1454_0-TR-540nm-AR2782.jpg 2020-11-14-1503_4-TR-Ha-AR2781-82.jpg 2020-11-14-1515_0-TR-CaK-AR2782-81.jpg

2020-11-14-1457_6-TR-540nm-AR2781.jpg 2020-11-14-1507_7-TR-Ha-AR2781.jpg 2020-11-14-1517_3-TR-CaK-AR2781.jpg

2020-11-14-1508_4-TR-Ha-AR2782.jpg 2020-11-14-1517_9-TR-CaKAR2782.jpg

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Clear skies this morning with average seeing. The small area in the SE continues to show some pores, but no spot has been registered, so the area stays un-named.  However, other areas on the Sun make up for it.  Some real nice filaments are visible in the NE, and a huge prom shows in the NW with a smaller, but brighter one in the SE. Overall activity remains low.  Today full disk images and close ups of the mentioned areas.

2020-07-02-1236_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2020-07-02-1245_4-TR-Ha.jpg 2020-07-02-1258_6-TR-CaK.jpg

2020-07-02-1252_6-TR-Ha.jpg 2020-07-02-1250_7-TR-Ha.jpg 2020-07-02-1254_0-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg

2020-07-02-1239_9-TR-540nm.jpg 2020-07-02-1300_7-TR-CaK-SEPlage.jpg

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The skies were clearing up during my observing session. SWPC carried AR2755 over into today, however at the time of observing the spot was not visible.  We have a new region coming around the Eastern limb, which might have a pore or small spot. According to my measurements in WinJupos, this area is in the Southern hemisphere and its magnetogram shows an old Cycle 24 polarization. However there is a very small reverse polarized area in the NE quadrant, which is visible also in the CaK image. A faculae is visible in the WL image, and a nice plage in Ha and CaK.  The filaments South of the AR2755 plage show very nice and show some activity.  Compare to yesterday’s images. Yesterday’s Prom in the SW is gone, but we have some small proms in the NE and SE.

2020-01-07-1523_8-TR-540nm-AR2855-NewA.jpg 2020-01-07-1545_3-TR-Ha-AR2755-NA.jpg 2020-01-07-1534_9-TR-CaK-AR2755-NA.jpg

2020-01-07-1529_3-TR-540nm-NewArea.jpg 2020-01-07-1548_0-TR-Ha-NewArea.jpg 2020-01-07-1537_8-TR-CaK-NewArea.jpg

2020-01-07-1539_9-TR-CaK-AR2755.jpg 2020-01-07-1549_5-TR-Ha-AR2755.jpg

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Clear skies, but my mount was acting up.  Another spotless day. A blank Sun with the exception of a few faint proms at the Western limb.  In addition, we noticed some very small reverse polarized areas in the Northern hemisphere.   Yesterday I only managed to capture one image in 540nm.  So today full disk images in the three wavelengths as well as yesterday’s image in 540nm.

2019-05-21-1339_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2019-05-21-1346_9-TR-Ha.jpg 2019-05-21-1342_2-TR-CaK.jpg


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Merry Christmas to all!!! Sunny skies with better than average seeing.  Solar activity remains Very Low on another spotless day.  The plage in the eastern hemisphere remains nicely visible, but I forgot to image the close up in Ha.  Two proms were visible, one at the SE limb and another in the NW.  I also captured the eastern faculae in 430nm.

2018-12-25-1500_8-TR-540nm.jpg 2018-12-25-1517_8-TR-Ha.jpg 2018-12-25-1510_9-TR-CaK.jpg

2018-12-25-1505_9-TR-540nm-EFaculae.jpg 2018-12-25-1510_9-TR-CaK-EPlage.jpg

2018-12-25-1521_1-TR-Ha-SEProm.jpg 2018-12-25-1521_9-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg

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After mostly cloudy skies yesterday, clear skies this morning with good seeing.  We observe a new, yet not named, sunspot at the Eastern limb. After 7 spotless days we can be tracking a new area again.  The nice filament is still there and the Western limb showed two prominences, on of which was very faint.  Full disk images today in the three wavelengths, as well as close ups of the mentioned areas.

2018-05-21-1227_3-TR-540nm-NN.jpg 2018-05-21-1244_4-TR-Ha-NNArea.jpg 2018-05-21-1258_4-TR-CaK-NNArea.jpg

2018-05-21-1232_5-TR-540nm-NNArea.jpg 2018-05-21-1246_7-TR-Ha-NNArea.jpg 2018-05-21-1258_4-TR-CaK-NNAreaplage.jpg

2018-05-21-1246_4-TR-Ha-Filam.jpg 2018-05-21-1247_5-TR-Ha-NEProm.jpg 2018-05-21-1248_0-TR-Ha-WProm.jpg

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The skies remain stable.  AR2709 remains at 10 millionths and 1 spot.  A few filaments and proms are visible in Ha and CaK.

2018-05-13-1247_6-TR-540nm-AR2709.jpg 2018-05-13-1253_4-TR-Ha-AR2709.jpg 2018-05-13-1306_5-TR-CaK-AR2709.jpg

2018-05-13-1250_1-TR-540nm-AR2709.jpg 2018-05-13-1255_8-TR-Ha-AR2709.jpg 2018-05-13-1306_5-TR-CaK-AR2709Crp.jpg

2018-05-13-1257_9-TR-Ha-oldAR2708.jpg 2018-05-13-1300_2-TR-Ha-NWProm.jpg 2018-05-13-1300_5-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg


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A one hour break in the clouds allowed me to capture the Sun today in three wavelengths.  AR2702 is barely visible at the Western limb covering an area of 10 millionths with 5 spots. In addition a filament in the Northern hemisphere and a small prom are visible at the SE limb.

2018-03-18-1411_6-TR-540nm-AR2702.jpg 2018-03-18-1420_0-TR-Ha-AR2702.jpg 2018-03-18-1431_5-TR-CaK-AR2702.jpg

2018-03-18-1423_5-TR-HaAR2702.jpg 2018-03-18-1422_7-TR-Ha-NFilam.jpg 2018-03-18-1424_8-TR-HaSEProm.jpg


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The Sun is quiet again today and we reached another milestone on the way to Solar minimum.  We reached spotless day 150. Click the thumbnail below to see the screenshot of the cutout from my data, recorded since January 4th 2014.

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Clear Skies again with good seeing.  Solar Activity remains Very Low with no flares in the last two days.  Active Region AR2680 covers today an area of 80 millionths while it contains 3 sun spots.  In addition to the single area, two nice prominences are visible at the SE and NE limb.

2017-09-16-1407_0-TR-540nm-AR2680.jpg 2017-09-16-1416_2-TR-Ha-AR2680.jpg 2017-09-16-1426_3-TR-CaK-AR2680.jpg

2017-09-16-1409_7-TR-540nm-AR2680.jpg 2017-09-16-1418_9-TR-Ha-AR2680.jpg 2017-09-16-1426_3-TR-CaK-AR2680Crp.jpg

2017-09-16-1420_2-TR-Ha-SEProm.jpg 2017-09-16-1419_2-TR-Ha-SELimb.jpg 2017-09-16-1420_6-TR-Ha-NEProm.jpg

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