July 4, 2017 on 5:40 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

Another spotless day.  Spotless day 78 since solar max.  Solar Activity remains Very Low.  Despite no spots visible, the Sun still shows the nice filaments from two days ago.  The northern one is some more decayed but the Southern looks terrific.  Prominences are visible in all quadrants to celebrate Independents Day!!  The close up in WL of the Eastern limb does not show any plages, but in CaK a few can be seen across the disk.  Full disk images today as well as close ups of the mentioned regions.

2017-07-04-1258_6-TR-540nm-1.jpg 2017-07-04-1305_5-TR-Ha-1.jpg 2017-07-04-1317_3-TR-CaK-1.jpg

2017-07-04-1300_7-TR-540nm-2.jpg 2017-07-04-1312_7-TR-Ha-NELimb.jpg 2017-07-04-1317_3-TR-CaK-ELimb.jpg

2017-07-04-1309_9-TR-Ha-CtrFilam.jpg 2017-07-04-1310_3-TR-Ha-SFilam.jpg 2017-07-04-1317_3-TR-CaK-WLimb.jpg

2017-07-04-1308_4-TR-Ha-NWProms.jpg 2017-07-04-1312_0-TR-Ha-SELimb.jpg 2017-07-04-1309_0-TR-Ha-SWProm.jpg

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