July 5, 2017 on 6:43 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

So the day started without a sunspot visible on the hemisphere.  However, by the time the Sun came in our view, a spot had emerged at the Eastern limb.  Needless to say Not-Named yet. The filaments from yesterday are still nicely visible and the Prom at the NE limb has today become a nice filament. The Proms at the NW limb are still pretty active. Full disk images today as well as close ups of the mentioned regions.

2017-07-05-1246_5-TR-540nm-NN_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1255_2-TR-Ha-NN_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1305_1-TR-CaK-NN_001.jpg

2017-07-05-1246_5-TR-540nm-NN15_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1301_1-TR-Ha-NtNmd_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1305_1-TR-CaK-NNCrp_001.jpg

2017-07-05-1249_6-TR-540nm-2_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1300_8-TR-Ha-NEFilam_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1305_1-TR-CaK-WLimb_001.jpg

2017-07-05-1258_4-TR-Ha-NFilam_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1258_9-TR-Ha-SFilam_001.jpg 2017-07-05-1301_6-TR-Ha-NWProms_001.jpg

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