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Clear and good seeing before the clouds started to come in.  Solar Activity remains Low with one C-class flare in the last two days.  AR2665 is the only Active Region covering 310 millionths and 15 Sunspots.  The nice filaments of the last few days have badly decayed.  A very large prominence is visible on the Easter limb at approx. the same latitude as AR2664.  It measures 65,000 miles wide and reaches 22,000 miles above the solar surface.  I did capture 50 frames over a period of 50 minutes and spend quite some time processing this and created an animation.  One can see very nicely the intertwined streams of plasma moving around.

2017-07-08-1309_9-TR-540nm-AR2665.jpg 2017-07-08-1316_6-TR-Ha-AR2665.jpg 2017-07-08-1415_2-TR-CaK-AR2665.jpg

2017-07-08-1311_8-TR-540nm-AR2665.jpg 2017-07-08-1318_9-TR-Ha-AR2665.jpg 2017-07-08-1415_2-TR-CaK-AR2665Crp.jpg

2017-07-08-1318_3-TR-HaNWFilam.jpg 2017-07-08-1319_4-TR-HaSFilam.jpg 2017-07-08-1324_8-1410-TR-Ha-EProm640480B.jpg

2017-07-08-1312_2-TR-540nm-NELimb.jpg 2017-07-08-1324_8-TR-Ha-EPromC1a.gif

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