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Challenges of Imaging Jupiter

9 August, 2008 (20:13) | Planetary Imaging | By: Larry Owens

Hello everyone,

Jupiter_sets_1-3-4-6-7_071208_75x.jpgLarry Owens here with a reminder that the “Challenges of Imaging Jupiter” class will be held Saturday, August 23rd at Oxford college in Covington, GA, starting at 2:00 PM.  The class will probably last about 2 hours.

Everyone is welcome and there is no need to register.  We’ll have 2 labs.  The first is a Registax lab.  We’ll process some filtered monochrome AVI’s of Jupiter, then move on to processing and color combining the resulting raw images with PhotoShop in the second lab.  If you have a laptop with Registax and PhotoShop loaded, please bring it with you.  The classroom will have computers, but we can only load Registax for the class.

Please see directions and a short outline of the class below.

Directions to the campus:

Once in the building, proceed down the hallway to the elevator, and come to the 2nd floor.  Take a right out of the elevator, turn left at the end of the hallway and the classroom will be on your right after the bathrooms.

Here’s a short outline for the class:

Overview of the course
Why is Jupiter such a challenge?
Jupiter Stats and issues for the imager
Advantages of color cameras
Advantages of monochrome cameras
Monochrome cameras and Jupiter
   Time limits & frame counts
Basic strategies for monochrome imaging
   RGB vs. R(G)B
   Green luminance
   Filter wheels, focusers, cameras and scopes
Sampling, what is it and how to get creative with barlows and extensions
General acquisition guidelines
Monitor calibration and using a “standard candle”
Standardized processing techniques
   Preserving the relative contrast between each filtered image
   Assembly line method
   Creating wavelet schemes
   Creating Photoshop “action sets”
      Saving time and improving processing consistency between sessions
Registax techniques for Jupiter
Registax Lab
Photoshop processing demo
   Demo using the manual method
   Demo using an “action set”
   Creating action sets for Jupiter processing
Photoshop Lab

Hope to see you there,
Larry Owens