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Overview of Charlie Elliott’s “Telescope Babysitting” Program

The chapter currently has a rather nice selection of equipment, all donated by chapter members or friends of the chapter. In August 2006, at the suggestion of chapter member Jon Wood, we started the equipment “baby sitting” program.

Participants in the program take charge of chapter equipment and make it available to other chapter members for events or just for a night of observing when circumstances permit. Under the plan, participants can use the equipment at home, but are “on call” via an email listing on the CE website. If any chapter member has a desire to use one of the scopes in our inventory, the email list is there to coordinate a time when the “baby sitter” and the chapter member can meet, and get some use out of the scope.

So, look over our list of scopes and equipment. If you would like to coordinate an observing session with one of these scopes, contact the “baby sitter” listed below and enjoy your observing session!

If you would like to be a chapter “baby sitter”, please contact the chapter director (

Equipment List:

12.5″ Optical Craftsman GEM Status: Not Available
The drive corrector electronics developed a problem, we’re working to fix.
Contact: Larry Owens (

16″ Meade Starfinder EQ with Galaxy refigured optics Status: Available
Contact: Frank Garner/Theo Ramakers (

6″ Criterion with German Equatorial Mount Status: Available
Contact: David Miracle (

104mm Orion Maksutov; Status: Reserved as viewfinder for 16″ truss project
Contact: Larry Owens (

ETX125 complete with accessories; Status: Available
Contact: Tim Geib(

127mm Orion Maksutov on GT mount Status: Available
Contact: Steve Siedentop (

Lunt 35mm Ha Solar Scope on SLT Mount Status: Available
Contact: David Whalen(

Coronado double stacked Ha PST on GT Mount Status: Available
Contact: Bob Jacoby(

16″  Owens truss OTA/wedge, on massive Dobbins GEM, Byers drive.  Status: Available (with conditions)
Anyone is welcome to come to Alpharetta and use the scope for observations or imaging.  Transport is possible, however scope weighs over 300 pounds, requires 2 or more people for transport and setup, chapter utility trailer recommended.  Larry is willing to transport to (very special) events when possible.
Contact: Larry Owens (

5′x8′ Utility trailer, used for transport of heavy scopes Status: Available
Contact: Frank Garner/Theo Ramakers (

Other Chapter odds and ends and who is in charge of them:

12.5″ Mirror and secondary (in need of recoating) – Larry Owens
Two 4″ guide scopes that go with the 12.5″ Optical Craftsman – Larry Owens
12.5″ mirror, ready for use in a scope –
Steve Bieger
Various lenses and adapters donated by ALPO, August 2006 – Larry Owens

Chapter Library, containing countless astronomy books, text books and magazines – On site at the Charlie Elliott Visitor’s Center. Any of these books can be purchased for a reasonable donation to the chapter -Chapter Director