Courthouse Falls

by rmajor



Courthouse Falls is a 45 foot waterfall located about 10 miles north of Rosman, NC. It can be reached by driving up Highway 215 to Forest Service Road 140, then driving 3 miles out FS 140 to the trailhead.




The drive out FS 140 is itself very beautiful, as it runs alongside Courthouse Creek for most of the way. The view from the first bridge I crossed was so nice that I promptly pulled over to make some pictures. The scenery was lovely in both the upstream and downstream directions.






About midway we came upon a bridge, I guess you could call it, that went through the creek instead of over it. I do not recommend crossing this in any vehicle that doesn’t have much ground clearance. Getting on the bridge was like driving over a tall curb.




On the return trip I left my camera with Jim and had him make some photos of me making the crossing with my van. Jim was following me in his truck, so between us we forded the stream in a Dodge and a Chevy.






I made this photo at the parking area at the trailhead. There were other nice views as we followed the trail alongside the creek to the falls.








.2 mile down the trail an unmarked side trail led down to the waterfall.




The view downstream of the falls.



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