Sliding Rock

by rmajor

Sliding Rock is a 60 foot natural water slide north of Brevard, NC. It is on Highway 276, a couple of miles up the road from Looking Glass Falls. The Forest Service maintains a recreation area there, and it is a popular destination on hot summer days. I arrived there before the start of the [...]

Looking Glass Falls

by rmajor

Looking Glass Falls is a 60 foot waterfall a few miles north of Brevard, NC. It is a roadside waterfall, and the parking and observation area beside Highway 276 makes it one of the most easily accessible waterfalls.


I was very fortunate in the timing of my arrival. Recent heavy rains had increased the water flow [...]

Eastatoe Falls

by rmajor

Eastatoe Falls is a 60 foot waterfall near Rosman, NC. It is on private property, and that made me a little leery of going there. However, various postings on the internet assured me that the owners do allow access to the falls, so I took the plunge and went. I’m glad I did. This is [...]

Waterfalls At Living Waters

by rmajor


Living Waters is a Christian retreat north of Rosman, NC, in the community of Balsam Grove. They own a stretch of land along the North Fork French Broad River. A quarter mile trail on their property gives views of 3 named waterfalls and 2 unnamed falls. Before hiking the trail, ask for permission to visit the [...]

Courthouse Falls

by rmajor

Courthouse Falls is a 45 foot waterfall located about 10 miles north of Rosman, NC. It can be reached by driving up Highway 215 to Forest Service Road 140, then driving 3 miles out FS 140 to the trailhead.

The drive out FS 140 is itself very beautiful, as it runs alongside Courthouse Creek for most of [...]