Sliding Rock

by rmajor



Sliding Rock is a 60 foot natural water slide north of Brevard, NC. It is on Highway 276, a couple of miles up the road from Looking Glass Falls. The Forest Service maintains a recreation area there, and it is a popular destination on hot summer days. I arrived there before the start of the summer season, and recent chilly temperatures meant there were no people sliding down the rock that day.


I remember visiting this place with my family when I was a kid and watching my brothers slide down the rock. I was too young and too little to slide down the rock myself, so I missed out on all of that fun. Nowadays I may be too old to risk it.












The view downstream was rather nice as well.




Update: I have been informed by my sister that it wasn’t Sliding Rock we went to when we were kids, it was another place which is no longer open to the public. I may still take the plunge at Sliding Rock anyway. It’ll make up for missing out on sliding at the other place when I was a kid.

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