March 5, 2012 on 7:27 am | In Sun | Comments Off

Well, the the sun has been very busy since the clouds disappeared.  In addition to the many C-class flares we have seen in the last few days several M-class flares and even two X-flares.  The resulting CME will reach earth on late Tuesday/early Wednesday. All these flares resulted from the very active AR1429 which came around the eastern limb a few days ago.  A few smaller prominences were also visible but nothing like we saw over a week ago.  Could become an interesting week

Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-05 09-29-05InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-05 09-29-05Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-F-046-370-380-Com1 12-03-05 09-35-14InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-F-046-370-380-Com1 12-03-05 09-35-14Txt.jpg

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