March 14, 2012 on 5:28 pm | In Sun | Comments Off

A beautiful day again and I imaged the sun right after it cleared the trees in the west.  Than a second time around when Stephen called and told me he saw nice coronal loops at AR1429.  Four are visible in the fifth image below against the dark background on the limb.  I also imaged the M2.7 class  flare at that time in AR1432.  The two middle images are one hour apart and the flare does not show in the first one.  Not enough time in the day for an animation this time.

   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-14 10-07-10InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-14 10-07-10Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com5 12-03-14 10-15-46Txt.jpg   Sun-Ha-P-046-370-260-Com2 12-03-14 11-39-03Txt.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com6 12-03-14 10-16-27Txt.jpg   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com5 12-03-14 10-15-46InvTxt.jpg 

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