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Anna Ruby Falls Solar Outreach 2015-05-02

2 May, 2015 (23:06) | Outreach, Uncategorized | By: tramakers

This was our 6th year of Solar Outreach at Anna Ruby Falls. 9 of our members did participate with 10 scopes. Frank did let the visitors see Venus in bright day light which not many expected. The Sun showed two small spots but a few large filaments did dress up the sun very nicely for this event. About 500 visors did get to see and learn today what happens on the Sun. A number of them were very excited and told us they will for sure pay us a visit at one of our meetings and observing sessions. A great event and thanks the Michels, Marie and Tim Lott, Bob Jacoby and Dominic, Mark Dove, Frank Garner with his greandaughter and friend, and Theo for coming out to this great spot in North Georgia to show the visitors what’s up there in daytime.  Click the image to go to the Gallery for more pictures and an image of the Sun taken at the event.