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McConnell Middle Outreach 2016-05-05

5 May, 2016 (20:28) | Outreach | By: tramakers

Bob Jacobi and Theo Ramakers did a full day outreach event for McConnell Middle School in Grayson. The 6th grade classes from Mrs. Sandidge did have a chance to look at the Sun through our Solar scopes and learned about the relative size and distances of the planets in the solar system. Inside the classroom they learned about how the planets really look close up, how the different belts of Jupiter move in relation to each other and what the terrain on Mars really looks like. A great event again this year!

Solar make up day for Heard Mixon 2015-10-08

9 October, 2015 (09:06) | Outreach | By: tramakers

We had to postpone the solar observing part of our outreach for Heard Mixon earlier this month, so we went back yesterday to let the students look at the Sun.  The Sun was real quiet and we could not see any Sunspots, but another 98 students could observe a nice prominence, so they all had a great smile on their face of having seen the Sun with that nice arc.

Cousin’s Middle School make up day 2015-10-07

7 October, 2015 (08:43) | Outreach | By: tramakers

Because one of the Solar observing days at Cousin’s MS last week got clouded out, we went back to give the last 5 classes a chance to observe the Sun and learn about the relative distances and sizes of the planets (as well as Pluto).  The Sun was relative quiet and the one sunspot disappeared as it rotated to the far side of the Sun, however a nice prominence, more than made up for it.  Another 119 individuals who not only had a chance to take look at the Sun, but learn a lot more about it and how it can influence us here on Earth.

Heard Mixon ES outreach 2015-10-01

1 October, 2015 (18:29) | Outreach | By: tramakers

This time we went to Heard Mixon to try to give the students a better understanding of astronomical concepts, mainly related to our Solar System.  The students loved the program as always, and among many other things they learned about why we see Saturn’s rings sometimes very big, and sometimes very small, why we see the different colored belts on Jupiter and where the  moons from Mars might have come from.  As always, a great school with great teachers.

Outreach for Cousin’s Middle School 2015-09-21 to 24

24 September, 2015 (15:57) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

A mammoth event of four days for Cousin’s in Covington.  Three days of inside presentation for about three hundred students and a day of outside astronomical activities and Solar observing.  This was a great event in which the students learned some more about some of the planets in our Solar system and the effect of gravity.  In addition, they became asteroid hunters and learned how to separate Space Rocks from Earth rocks.  A great event and great teachers.  Thanks to Frank, Dan and Theo for putting the time in for these events.  We still have to go back for a 5th day for some more Solar observing.

East Newton Elementary Outreach 2015-09-18

18 September, 2015 (21:46) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

Back for another year at East Newton Elementary School.  Frank and Theo went to let 100 students learn a little more about our Solar System and observe the Sun as well.  The weather was real nice and the students saw some nice filaments as well as a few prominences and small Sun spots and inside they learned a little more about some of our planets as well as the effect of gravity at different planets and moons. Thanks to Mrs Thompson for inviting us for another year!

Outreach for the Garden Club of Georgia Campers 2015-07-12

13 July, 2015 (11:53) | Events, Outreach | By: tramakers

One of the groups who really appreciate our outreach is the Garden Club of Georgia. So we were again at the Jon Wood Field at CEWC to show these young people the wonders of the night sky, and they got to see three planets, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn as well as some other objects the naked eye cannot see. However, this year was a bit different since the New Horizons space craft was less than two days from making the Pluto system fly-by. In order to show the campers how “light” it gets on Pluto at its noon, we made a picture of the group at 8:54 PM. That’s when it was as light, or dark, at the field as it is on Pluto at Noon (#Plutotime). A great event again and thanks to Marie, Tim, Frank, Heather and Theo for making this happen. As Molly Kimmler, the event organizer, said in her email: “What a great night. You guys are the best!!!!! Molly”. The image shows the group at “Plutotime” pointing at where Pluto had just risen just above the horizon.

Astronomy for JH Ministries

17 June, 2015 (20:11) | Events, Outreach | By: tramakers

We did a Solar and Evening event for JH Ministries for a number of intellectually challenged adults during their Summer Camp at Collinswood in Buckhead GA. It was very satisfying to see how these adults enjoyed looking at the Sun and later that night at Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Thanks to Dan Thoman for organizing the event, and for Frank Garner, Bob Jacoby, Dominick Giacobbe and Theo Ramakers for showing them what was visible in the Solar System. This for sure was a great event for them.

News coverage in White County News 2015-05-14

22 May, 2015 (22:31) | Events, Outreach | By: tramakers

I believe, it has been two years since we have had news coverage in a local news paper.  This year the White County News ran an article about our Solar outreach at Anna Ruby Falls.  This event is every year a success and the management at Anna Ruby Falls love us to come out there year after year.  Below an image of the newspaper clip of the article written by Ivy Rutzky as well as some of the pictures she took.  Please respect the ownership of the images by Ivy.  Thanks to all that did participate in this event and to Ivy to give us again some more exposure! :-) Please click the thumbnail below to read the article.

The Sun over Oxford Babtist Church 2015-05-21

21 May, 2015 (12:12) | Events, Outreach | By: tramakers

We were invited to show the students of the Oxford Baptist Learning Center the Sun. A great group of kids who were very eager to learn about the Sun and take a close look at it through our Scopes. Not only the kids liked it but an adult who came by and wanted to take a peek also, thought that the Sun was way smaller than Earth and when she heard that the volume of the Sun could almost fit 1 million Earth, she almost flipped over. :-) Please click the thumbnail picture to go to the gallery.