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Our Latest Donation:

Jim Honeycut had his Dobsonian at the Jon Wood Field for members to use. But he now decided that he wanted it to stay there permanently, so he officially did donate the scope to Charlie Elliott Astronomy. I am sure many will enjoy the views through the scope.
Please see below for details of this donation. !

MANY Thanks Jim!

Would you like to make a donation to the chapter?

The chapter accepts donations of astronomy related equipment, books or cash on behalf of the Atlanta Astronomy Club.
Your donation is tax deductible and helps to finance the chapter’s many projects and to bring astronomy to schools, youth groups, scouts or anyone interested in the science of astronomy.

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Donation by Chuck Kibbling

A complete Meade Starfinder 16EQ was donated by Chuck Kibbling in 2003. The scope was restored, improved, accessorized and star tested by Larry Owens in 2004. Larry’s improvements included an OTA attachment that allows the scope to be assembled by one person.
Thanks Chuck!


Phil Sacco’s Donation

Chapter founder Philip Sacco donated a Criterion 6″ Reflector in 2004. The scope was restored by Larry Owens and the Criterion mount doubles as an excellent platform for wide angle camera astrophotography. Thanks Philip!


Steve Kennedy’s Donation

A new “Horton Hauler” 8 foot trailer was donated to the chapter in 2005 by chapter member Steve Kennedy to store and transport chapter equipment. In addition, Steve donated a $200 Home Depot gift card, and has contributed cash and time to support various chapter projects and events since becoming a chapter member in 2004.
Thanks Steve!


Michael Covington’s Donation

Michael Covingtondonated an “ALCOR” motor control circuit in 2005. Michael spent many hours out of a very busy schedule as an author and professor at UGA to build the circuit for the chapter’s “Byers Mount” project. Michael designed the “ALCOR” circuit for telescope mounts that employ synchronous AC motors. The circuit provides crystal controlled accuracy to the tracking rate and even allows the use of an autoguider for astrophotography.
Thanks Michael!


Missy Wood’s Donation

A Meade Starfinder 16″ Dob OTA was donated to the chapter by Missy Wood of Hampton, GA in the spring of 2005 after the death of her father who was an amateur astronomer.

The chapter had the 16″ mirror from the OTA refigured and recoated by Galaxy optics and the mirror is currently used with the Starfinder EQ.
Thanks Missy!


Jim Honeycutt’s Donation

Chapter member Jim Honeycutt donated a Coulter Optics 12.5″ mirror and secondary with cells on April 22nd 2006. Steve Bieger has volunteered to build a Dobsonian scope around the optics for the chapter. Please check the chapter projects page for updates.
Jim Honeycutt teaches astronomy at Oxford College and is a regular member of the chapter. Many thanks Jim!.



Charles Gale’s Donations

Friend of the chapter Charles Gale (above and below right) of Roswell, GA donated an Optical Craftsman 12.5″ scope on a very sturdy German Equatorial mount with several accessories in August 2006, including a second freshly coated 12.5″ mirror! Earlier in the year, Charles donated 2 additional OTA’s, a 102mm and a 127mm Orion Maksutov.

Charles has been an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer for decades and wanted to make the donation to an active group who will use the scope frequently. Charles isn’t giving up on astronomy though, he still has many scopes, including an 8″ Schmidt Cassegrain and several refractors.

Also pictured above is chapter member Jonathan Wood (below left). Jon agreed to refurbish the 12.5″ and make it available through the chapter’s “Baby Sitting” program. Thanks to Charles, the chapter can now reach out to groups and conduct astronomy events in class!
Charles, we can’t thank you enough!

Morgan Cline’s Donations

CEA’s member Morgan Cline did not want to sell the solar scopes he did not use anymore when he bought a large aperture Solar Scope and instead decided to donate them to CEA so they would be used in its outreach program. Morgan is very serious about this and made it clear that he wanted the youth to experience what’s happening on the Sun, so that it might inspire some to be more involved in science. The picture shows Morgan (right) handing the double stacked Coronado PST and the 35 mm. Lunt Ha scopes to CEA director Steve Siedentop (middle) and outreach coordinator Theo Ramakers (left).
Thanks so much Morgan for the generous donation!!

Larry Owens Donations

CEA member and former 5 year CEA director Larry Owens , donated thousands of hours to design and build a 16′ truss based equatorial mounted Newtonian using some of the components donated by others. In addition, he equipped, with some financial help of others, the telescope with a nice electric Moonlight focuser. The electronics of the EQ mount were provided by Michael Covington (See above). The Optics which were refigured and recoated by Galaxy Optics give this telescope a very high quality view of the night sky and makes it perfect for planetary imaging.
Thanks so much Larry for your countless hours of design and construction of this beautiful Scope!!

Larry Owens 10″ LX50 Donation

Larry did also donate a 10″ LX50 on an equatorial wedge so he would not have to bring his C14 anymore to the observing sessions at CE. As Larry mentioned, this scope is not only for him to be used, but it is available for for all members to observe the night sky over the Jon Wood Field.
Thanks Larry for your generous donation to help our members observe the beauty of the sky over the Jon Wood Field!!

Jim Honeycut 12″ Dobsonian

Jim Honeycut did donate a 12″ mirror some years ago and now followed up with another great scope: A 12″ Dobsonian including an insulated storage bag. Another great addition to the beautiful collection of great scopes at the Jon Wood Field.
Thanks Jim for your generous donation to help our members as well as visitors observe the beauty of the sky over the Jon Wood Field!!