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Partly cloudy today but enough space to image.  AR1429 is at the western limb and a few loops can still be seen.  AR1432, 33, and 34 are around the CM with not much activity today at the time of observation, except for some nice filaments.  I included a closeup using the Klee 3x barlow of AR1433.

   Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-15 10-26-25InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-Q-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-15 10-26-25Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-03-15 10-32-01InvTxt.jpg  Sun-Ha-R-046-313-260-Com1 12-03-15 10-32-01Txt.jpg  

Sun-Ha-T-036-154-411-Com4 12-03-15 10-43-21Txt.jpg

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A beautiful day again and I imaged the sun right after it cleared the trees in the west.  Than a second time around when Stephen called and told me he saw nice coronal loops at AR1429.  Four are visible in the fifth image below against the dark background on the limb.  I also imaged the M2.7 class  flare at that time in AR1432.  The two middle images are one hour apart and the flare does not show in the first one.  Not enough time in the day for an animation this time.

   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-14 10-07-10InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-M-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-14 10-07-10Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com5 12-03-14 10-15-46Txt.jpg   Sun-Ha-P-046-370-260-Com2 12-03-14 11-39-03Txt.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com6 12-03-14 10-16-27Txt.jpg   Sun-Ha-O-046-370-260-Com5 12-03-14 10-15-46InvTxt.jpg 

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Since Stephen went to the Jon Wood Field yesterday, I decided t join him for Solar imaging instead of imaging at home. However, I had to run some errands first. When I arrived just a bit before 1:00 P.M. a huge M8.4 Solar Flare was active in AR1429. My first image was about 10 minutes after the maximum. I than started imaging for an animation. The animation shows a 70 minutes of activity in the AR compresed in a few seconds.  Click the closeup image for the movie

   Sun-Ha-L-046-769-260-Com1 12-03-10 12-56-26InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-L-046-769-260-Com1 12-03-10 12-56-26Txt-800.jpg  


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Today another very active sun with some very nice prominences all around.  I made two closeups of the large Proms in the SE and NE quadrant of the sun together with a closeup of Ar1429.  We saw a few C-flares today in AR1428, 29,and 30 but not like the last few days when the X-flares asked for attention.

   Sun-Ha-H-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-08 09-29-10InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-H-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-08 09-29-10Txt-800.jpg  

   Sun-Ha-J-046-455-260-Com3 12-03-08 09-38-24InvTxt.jpg   Sun-Ha-K-046-313-260-Com6 12-03-08 09-42-15InvTxt.jpg  

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A very active Sun today.  AR1429 already produced this morning 4-M class flares and many C-class flares.  And 1430 had one C-class flare.  You can see that both regions are sparkling with activity.  Today also a closeup of 1429 and 30.  The weather was very windy and the seeing was terrible.  Only one decent closeup out of 7 runs.  however, nice prominences al around the sun.

   Sun-Ha-G-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-06 09-33-11InvTxt-800.jpg   Sun-Ha-G-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-06 09-33-11Txt-800.jpg 

    Sun-Ha-G-182-625-260-Com4 12-03-06 09-42-01InvTxt.jpg  Sun-Ha-G-182-625-260-Com4 12-03-06 09-42-01Txt.jpg   

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Well, the the sun has been very busy since the clouds disappeared.  In addition to the many C-class flares we have seen in the last few days several M-class flares and even two X-flares.  The resulting CME will reach earth on late Tuesday/early Wednesday. All these flares resulted from the very active AR1429 which came around the eastern limb a few days ago.  A few smaller prominences were also visible but nothing like we saw over a week ago.  Could become an interesting week

Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-05 09-29-05InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-E-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-05 09-29-05Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-F-046-370-380-Com1 12-03-05 09-35-14InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-F-046-370-380-Com1 12-03-05 09-35-14Txt.jpg

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Today the sun showed its face again.  At the last hours of CR2120 I captured my images of today.  We missed several Active Regions and today AR1423, 27, 28 and 29 were very active.  The Sun did produce two M class flares in the last two days with the last one being an M-2 this morning in AR1429.  However, this was way before I started my imaging session.

Sun-Ha-A-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-04 09-34-25InvTxt-800.jpg Sun-Ha-A-046-625-260-Com1 12-03-04 09-34-25Txt-800.jpg

Sun-Ha-B-046-526-260-Com2 12-03-04 09-42-23AInvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-B-046-526-260-Com2 12-03-04 09-42-23ATxt.jpg

Sun-Ha-C-046-526-380-Com5 12-03-04 09-44-33InvTxt.jpg Sun-Ha-C-046-526-380-Com5 12-03-04 09-44-33Txt.jpg

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