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Outreach for Cousin’s Middle School 2015-09-21 to 24

24 September, 2015 (15:57) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

A mammoth event of four days for Cousin’s in Covington.  Three days of inside presentation for about three hundred students and a day of outside astronomical activities and Solar observing.  This was a great event in which the students learned some more about some of the planets in our Solar system and the effect of gravity.  In addition, they became asteroid hunters and learned how to separate Space Rocks from Earth rocks.  A great event and great teachers.  Thanks to Frank, Dan and Theo for putting the time in for these events.  We still have to go back for a 5th day for some more Solar observing.

East Newton Elementary Outreach 2015-09-18

18 September, 2015 (21:46) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

Back for another year at East Newton Elementary School.  Frank and Theo went to let 100 students learn a little more about our Solar System and observe the Sun as well.  The weather was real nice and the students saw some nice filaments as well as a few prominences and small Sun spots and inside they learned a little more about some of our planets as well as the effect of gravity at different planets and moons. Thanks to Mrs Thompson for inviting us for another year!

2914-09-02 Solar for Cousins Middle School

2 September, 2014 (19:56) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

Theo Ramakers responded to a request from Cousins Middle School to show the 240 6th grade students what goes on on the Sun. The Students observed the Sun through a visible light scope and an Ha scope. About 8 sunspots were visible and through the Ha scope the students could see small prominences protuding in one quadrant. They then experienced how small we are in the realm of the Universe and our solar system. They placed to scale models of Mercury, Venus and Earth in their proper orbits around the Sun and found out how small we really are on Earth and how far we are from the Sun. A great experience for the 8 classes who did rotate through this in around 95 degree weather. :-) Click the picture below to link to the gallery.

Outdoor Wildlife Leadership School 2014-07-17

17 July, 2014 (21:54) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center organized the Outdoor Wildlife Leadership School workshop at CEWC for members of different locations of the Department of Natural Resources in Georgia. Of course if it is CEWC, astronomy is part of the curriculum. So we went to show these leaders what we do. It was clouded when we started, so we did our inside presentations and as time went on, the skies started to break open allowing us to go to the JWF to show them what we wanted to show them. Transparency stayed bad but they got a pretty good look at Saturn, Mars, the ring nebula, the great cluster in Hercules, M4 and M7 as well as the double stars Mizar and Albireo and learned a lot about the summer constellations. They all loved it. Thanks to Jim Lancaster and his wife, Jon and Marilyn Edwards, Dan Schmitt, Frank Garner and Theo Ramakers to participate in this great event.

Pucketts Mill Solar Event 2014-03-27

27 March, 2014 (15:51) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

Today was the day for Pucketts Mill solar event and the weather did cooperate :-) The students learned how we get the energy from the sun and in what forms this comes. They learned about how the magnetic field shields us from a lot of bad emissions and how Solarstorms contribute to be able to see Northern Lights, and they also detected the UV light that changed the color of their beads. They observed the sun through H-alpha filtered scopes and whitelight and learned why sunspots look dark even though they are 6000 degrees. Some movies gave a good understanding of what happens on and in the sun. The last group also got to see Venus in bright daylight and explained why it looks like half of moon. Thanks to Mandy Collins the teacher who invited us and who reinforced what the students learned like she was part of our team :-) Thanks Mrs. Collins. The students loved it.
Click on the picture below to see more in the picture gallery.

Two days of outreach at Trip Elementary 2014-03-11 & 13

13 March, 2014 (14:49) | Events, Observing, Outreach | By: tramakers

We went for two days to Trip Elementary in Grayson and exposed the 4th graders a little more to astronomy, space, and space exploration. They learned inside more about astronomical concepts, the solar system and the universe, and outside they learned a lot about our solar system. They were very surprised to find out through our relative size activity, how small earth really is and how far away we are from the Sun. They also could take a look at the sun and on the second day, they even observed Venus in midday!! Thanks Frank for adding this to their program. Thanks to Jon Edwards, Frank Garner and Theo Ramakers for being there for these students. Please click the image below to go to the gallery and see the students in the activities.

New Image of the Month for March 2014

5 March, 2014 (13:08) | Observing, Outreach, Planetary Imaging, Uncategorized | By: tramakers

We have seen a good number of images taken in the last month, but David Whalen has been very persistent in trying to get better with imaging Jupiter. Last Saturday the seeing was great and David captured his best Jupiter so far. With seeing as bad as it has been for months, this was very rewarding for David. The image was taken with his C1100, a DMK41AU02AS, 500 frames captured with ICapture and stacked and processed in Registax6. Very nice job David!!!

2013-11-02 CE Astronomy Meeting and Observing

3 November, 2013 (15:03) | Events, Observing, Outreach, Presentations | By: tramakers

Another well attended meeting and observing session. Dr. Richard Schmude presented his findings of the research he did on the North Polar Cap of Mars. A very interesting subject. John Town presented his always interesting “What’s Up” and Jack Fitzmier did another book review. Theo reported that the MOU was signed by CEA and that we expect constructon of the telescope shed to start very soon. :-) After the meeting it went to the Jon Wood Field where we ended up with 19 telescopes and many visitors from nearby towns as well as participants of CEWC’s Hunting and Learning program came by to learn something and look through the scopes. The imagers were also very active despite the cold. So it was a very successful day for CEA.

CE Astronomy Meeting 2013-10-12

12 October, 2013 (23:53) | Events, Observing | By: tramakers

A great meeting with great topics.  Steve Siedentop opened the meeting followed by a short update and a call for help in our outreach programs by Theo Ramakers.  Jack Fitzmier gave a short  but very interesting book review of  Dava Sobel’s “Longitude“.   The main presentation was on Astronomical Imaging with a DSLR, a presentation Rich Jakiel also presented at this year’s PSSG.  John  Town finished the program with his usual, but great,  What’s UP which has expanded in a sizeable but very interesting  presentation.  After the meeting it went to the John Wood Field for observing with students from Stone Mountain Middle and two workshops at CEWC!   For pictures click here
Thanks to all!
Theo Ramakers

Observing and Outreach 2013-10-12

12 October, 2013 (23:01) | Events, Observing | By: tramakers

After the meeting everyone went to the Jon Wood Field for observing, and outreach since we expected a large group of students/parents from Stone Mountain Middle, as well as attendees of two workshops at CEWC:  a quilt group and a workshop on deer hunting.  40 students from SMMS had obtained a visit slip at school for the event.  Initially it was cloudy but soon the clouds subsided and all had a great experience looking at the night sky.  Click the image to go to the gallery.